In light of the recent attacks on Asian Americans in Seattle, the Bay Area, New York, Atlanta and elsewhere, AJC Seattle drafted a statement of solidarity for members of other communities in our region to sign onto. We feel we can be more impactful with this collaborative, unified message, in solidarity with Asian American communities as the recipients of targeted acts of violence. The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, Allyship, El Centro de la Raza and The Church Council of Greater Seattle are the first to join with AJC Seattle on the below Statement of Solidarity with Asian American Communities in Washington.

In having organizations of prominence representing the Black, Latino, LGBTQ, Christian and Jewish communities as one voice in their public stance in support of Asian American communities and condemnation of the violence, it is our hope that we are stronger together.


Statement of Solidarity with Asian American Communities in Washington
As organizations representing diverse communities across the state of Washington, we stand in solidarity with our Asian American neighbors who have been recently targeted by violent acts of hate.

Bigotry, racism, and xenophobia have no place in our society. They are incompatible with and offensive to the values that we cherish and seek to teach to our children. No person, regardless of what they look like, where they come from, how they worship or who they love, should be marginalized or victimized. Those who wish to traffic in hate seek to divide us. We refuse to let them.

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