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The AJC National Human Relations Award is presented to leading members of the business and civic community who have made a significant contribution to the betterment of life on local and national levels.

It is awarded in recognition of their dedication to the welfare of the community at large and their devotion to the enrichment of the quality of life for people everywhere, and the generosity of their spirit, which has made a difference.

Past recipients of this prestigious award include some of Dallas’ most well respected leaders:


2012 Philip J. Romano

2009 Representative Rafael Anchia

2006 Honorable Kathryn and Craig Hall

2003 Liener Temerlin

2002 Gerald A. Sampson

2001 Dee and Charles Wyly

2000 Raymond D. Nasher

1999 Erle Nye

1998 Chuck Norris

1997 Liz Minyard and Gretchen Minyard Williams

1996 Mayor Ron Kirk and Matrice Ellis-Kirk

1995 Robert K. Hoffman

1994 Caren and Vin Prothro

1993 John L. Adams

1992 Harriet E. Miers

1991 Charles T. Terrell

1990 General (Ret) Hugh G. Robinson

1988 Thomas M. Dunning

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