Since 1965, AJC has recognized with pride those outstanding high school students from Greater Cincinnati public, private, and parochial schools whose daily lives, activities, and behavior exemplify a concern for others and a desire to bring about better human relations in their schools, in their communities, or in their personal lives with the Simon Lazarus, Jr., Human Relations Awards. 

Along with his wife, Harriet, who spearheaded an effort to stabilize funding of the program through an endowment secured in 1990, Mr. Lazarus created the Lazarus Awards to exemplify what Judaism refers to as the mitzvah (commandment) of gemilut hasadim, acts of loving-kindness performed without expecting anything in return.  By honoring altruistic student leaders as they give to others, AJC Cincinnati hopes to reinforce these shared values and enhance our community.

Today, however, increased costs and the need for greater, more advantageous cash awards for these fine students exceed the financial capability of the endowment.  So, we are proudly announcing a Campaign for the future of the Simon Lazarus, Jr., Human Relations Awards.  More information about the Campaign can be found here.

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