The AJC Seattle Advocacy in Action Dinner honored Dr. Aaron and Ruth M. Bernstein, long-time advocates and benefactors of AJC first in New Jersey and then Seattle. The evening included the launch of of the Dr. Aaron and Ruth M. Bernstein Distinguished Lecture Series for AJC Seattle, This gift from Dr. Aaron and Ruth Bernstein is a gift to the community that has welcomed them so warmly.

Bari Weiss, columnist for the opinion page of The New York Times was the first speaker of the Dr. Aaron and Ruth M. Bernstein Distinguished Lecture series.

For most Americans, the massacre at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh in October, 2018 came as a shock. To Ms. Weiss, it was a more extreme expression of the broader trend that has been sweeping Europe for the past two decade.

Speaking to the over 260 dinner attendees last evening, Weiss, author of the new book, How to Fight Antisemitism, said that antisemitism finds a home in identity politics, in “American First” isolationism and the rise of one-world socialism.

AJC’s Advocacy in Action Dinner highlights the leading global Jewish advocacy organization’s work in combatting antisemitism, building an understanding of support for Israel and safeguarding the rights and freedom of all people. Founded in 1906, AJC maintains headquarters in New York, 22 regional offices across the U.S., and 14 offices around the world.

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