Programmatic Year in Review


  1. July 2nd – AJC Live, “Separation AND Coexistence in the West Bank”
  2. July 16th – AJC Live, “Reuniting Families Separated at the Border”
  3. August 6th - AJC Live – AJC Project Interchange featuring Project Interchange Alumni
  4. August 20th – AJC Live – “Our Polarized Society” featuring Dr. Larry Grossman
  5. September 3rd – AJC Live with Rabbi David Rosen
  6. September 13th – Diplomatic Outreach Training #1 featuring David Harris
  7. September 17th – AJC Live: “No One Left Behind” - Leah Goldin on her Son Lt. Hadar Goldin
  8. September 23rd – Board Retreat at Carmel Academy, Greenwich.
  9. September 23rd -28th – AJC United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Diplomatic Marathon
  10. September 26th – UNGA Diplomatic Marathon Opening Reception
  11. September 26th – Discussion of “Lioness” with author Francine Klagsbrun at Temple Israel Center of White Plains
  12. September 27th – UNGA Diplomatic Marathon Roundtable Luncheon with AJC Overseas Experts
  13. October 3rd – “How to Morally Engage An Army White at War,” with Lt. Tzur Goldin at Jewish Community Center of Harrison.
  14. October 4th – Leaders For Tomorrow (LFT) Parents Reception at Congregation Emanu-El.
  15. October 15th – AJC Live: Judge Learned Hand Award Dinner
  16. October 15th – Parlor Meeting with AJC Israel Director Avital Leibovich
  17. October 16th – AJC Salon featuring Palestinian Human Rights Activist Bassem Eid
  18. October 17th - Interreligious/Intergroup Committee Training
  19. October 18th – Shared Roots, Divergent Paths program, “Thou Shalt Not Kill: Gun Violence, American Culture, and Religion” at Iona College
  20. October 21st – LFT (Leaders for Tomorrow) – Session 1 (Jewish Identity)
  21. October 23rd – Diplomatic Outreach Training Session #2
  22. October 28th- Solidarity Vigil for Tree of Life Congregation (Pittsburgh) attack. At Congregation Kol Ami, White Plains.
  23. October 29th – AJC Live:  Ambassador Alfred Moses on “Bucharest Diary”
  24. October 30th – Stamford JCC Arts and Film Festival Program – “Back to Berlin” film screening and discussion
  25. November 5th – AJC Live: Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast
  26. November 6th Committee Film screenings (for 2019 Westchester Jewish Film Festival) at Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville.
  27. November 7th – Committee Film screenings (for 2019 Westchester Jewish Film Festival) at Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville.
  28. November 8th – Diplomatic Outreach Training #3 – Role Play Session.
  29. November 11th – JCC Stamford Arts and Film Festival Program – “1945” film screening and discussion
  30. November 13th – Committee Film screenings (for 2019 Westchester Jewish Film Festival) at Jacob Burns Film Center, Pleasantville.
  31. November 15th – Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast
  32. November 18th – Leaders For Tomorrow – Session 2 (Jewish Peoplehood)
  33. November 19th – AJC Live:  Former NCB Tel Aviv Bureau Chief Martin Fletcher
  34. November 27th – Dinner program with David Frum (Senior Editor at The Atlantic)
  35. November 27th – NLC Parlor Meeting with David Frum Senior Editor at The Atlantic)
  36. November 28th – Book Talk on Israel with Martin Fletcher (former NBC Middle East Correspondent) at JCC of MidWestchester, Scarsdale.
  37. December 4th – Judge Learned Hand Award Dinner Honoring Mike Cacace and David Worby
  38. December 10th – AJC Salon: “Israel as a Jewish State vs. Israel as a Democracy” which featured Law Professor Yifat Bitton. 
  39. December 12th – Board Chanukah Party at the home of Susan and Elliott Rose in Scarsdale
  40. December 16th – Leaders For Tomorrow (LFT) Program – Session 3 on Diplomacy
  41. December 17th – AJC Live:  David Frum and Predictions for 2019
  42. January 7th – AJC Live:  Jewish Life on Campus featuring Seffi Kogen, AJC Global Director of Young Leadership.
  43. January 13th-15th – NLC Advocacy Fly-In to Washington DC
  44. January 13th – Sacred Spaces program at Coptic Orthodox Church (Virgin Mary & Saint Demiana) 
  45. January 13th – Leaders For Tomorrow (LFT) Program – Session 4 on Jews Around the World and Antisemitism
  46. January 15th – Cypriot-Jewish Cultural Celebration (Astoria, Queens)  
  47. January 21st – AJC Live:  Nadine Epstein on Issues of the Moment
  48. January 28th – UN Holocaust Remembrance Program
  49. January 30th – Program featuring Bassem Eid (co-sponsored by Hillels of Westchester, Westchester Jewish Council and Purchase College SUNY Jewish Studies program)
  50. February 4th – AJC Live:  Deborah Lipstadt on her new book, “Antisemitism Here and Now”
  51. February 4th -  Regional Board Meeting featuring keynote address from Israel Nitzan (Israeli Deputy Consul General in New York)
  52. February 10th – Leaders For Tomorrow (LFT) Program – Session 5 on Israeli History
  53. February 12th – AJC Salon featuring Nadine Epstein, Moment Magazine Editor
  54. February 13th – Parlor Meeting featuring Daniel Schwammenthal, Director of AJC Transatlantic Institute
  55. March 4th – AJC Live:  Westchester Jewish Film Festival Sneak Preview
  56. March 10th -  Leaders For Tomorrow (LFT) Program – Session 6 on Israeli Society Today
  57. March 17th –Off-Broadway performance of “Vilna” and post-theater dinner with Lithuanian Consul Nijole Naginyte.
  58. March 25th – What to Expect on Campus (LFT Recruitment Kick-Off Event) featuring Seffi Kogen, AJC Global Director of Young Leadership.
  59. March 25th – AJC Salon featuring Seffi Kogen, “Engaging the Next Generation”
  60. March 27th – “We Are All Immigrants” Seder at Temple Israel Center of White Plains.
  61. April 1st – AJC Live:  The Two Mensches, featuring Rabbi Joshua Hammerman and Ira Fuchs
  62. April 2nd – Opening Night of the Westchester Jewish Film Festival at Jacob Burns Film Center
  63. April 3rd – Who Will Write Our History? Q&A with Ambassador Maciej Golubiewski, the Polish Consul General in New York and Dr. Samuel Kassow, History Professor at Trinity College and author of the book which was basis for the film.
  64. April 10th - Prosecuting Evil: The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz Discussion with Prince Zeid, Jordanian former high commissioner for Human Rights at the UN and Felice Gaer, Director of AJC’s Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights.
  65. April 11th - The Waldheim Waltz.  Discussion with AJC CEO David Harris 
  66. April 14th (noon) – Bag of Marbles.  Discussion with Professor Michael Marrus, Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor Emeritus of Holocaust Studies at the University of Toronto.
  67. April 16th - The Oslo Diaries. Discussion with AJC’s Steve Bayme.
  68. April 7th – Leaders For Tomorrow (LFT) Program – Session 7 on What to Expect on Campus
  69. April 15th – AJC Live:  Annual Gala Show
  70. April 29th – AJC Live:  Yom Hashoah Commemoration
  71. April 30th – AJC Board Honors outgoing Westchester Legislator Mike Kaplowitz
  72. May 6th – AJC Live:  Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’atzmaut
  73. May 8th – Diplomatic Tour of Jewish New York in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.
  74. May 16th – Annual Gala at Ritz Honoring Richard W. Cohen and Ruth and Sid Lapidus
  75. May 19th – Greek-Jewish Festival (Lower East Side)
  76. May 20th – AJC Live: A Taste of the Global Forum
  77. June 2nd-4th – Global Forum 2019 in Washington, D.C.
  78. June 3 - AJC Live - U.S. Special Envoy Elan Carr on Combatting Antisemitism
  79. June 12th – Regional Annual Meeting featuring keynote discussion on “What’s Next For The Jewish State?” featuring Dr. Steven Bayme
  80. June 17th – AJC Live - Introducing the New National President of AJC, Harriet Schleifer!
  81. June 17th - Project Interchange Parlor Meeting featuring Australian UN Ambassador Gillian Bird, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan, and Christian journalist Susanne Janssen.
  82. June 18th- LFT Post-Program Parents' Video Conference 

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