Stop BDS on College Campuses

Ask your U.S. Representative to condemn the boycott of Israeli academic institutions and scholars by institutions of higher learning and scholarly associations. Take Action

Iran Talks

It's This Deal or... A Better Deal

Members of Congress face a binary choice: they can either vote to approve this deal, or they can vote it down—a move which we think could ultimately yield a better deal. Read More.

Iran Talks

Mayors United Against Anti-Semitism

AJC's new campaign calls on U.S. mayors to advance respectful coexistence & urge their counterparts in Europe to affirm that anti-Semitism is incompatible with fundamental democratic values. Read more


  • 15 Ways Being Jewish Is Meaningful
  • David Harris in Huffington Post and Times of Israel
  • David HarrisSurveys reveal a disturbingly large number of American Jews who feel disconnected from their Jewish identity. How painfully sad! In response, and with the High Holy Days just around the corner, let me share what being Jewish means to me.

  • Ten New Reasons to Worry about the Iran Deal
  • David Harris in Huffington Post and Times of Israel
  • David HarrisSince the P5+1 deal with Iran was announced on July 14, there have been a number of revealing developments that give a glimpse of what may lie ahead. We ignore or downplay them at our peril.

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