International Activities - Overview

AJC is the world's leading Jewish non-governmental organization engaged in international diplomacy, defending the core principles of human rights for all, the protection and well-being of Jewish communities abroad, support for a secure peace between Israel and its neighbors, and the fair treatment of Israel in the international community. To carry out its work, AJC maintains high-level contacts across the globe, commissions and disseminates research on topics central to our mission, conducts public forums to generate understanding of our concerns and positions, carries out exchange programs that expose U.S. and foreign opinion-makers to key issues, engages in humanitarian projects to aid victims of oppression and natural disaster, and plays a role in national and international public policy debates. Each week, AJC staff and lay leaders visit foreign capitals to meet with senior government officials, heads of local Jewish communities, and others in the policy arena. With its New York headquarters and Office of Government and International Affairs in Washington, AJC hosts meetings with foreign ministers, heads of state and others when they visit the U.S.

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