Chief Rabbinate

"The Chief Rabbinate has clearly become an object of derision, even scorn in many quarters, both in Israel and the Diaspora," write Dov Zakheim and Steven Bayme.

(Chief Rabbis Yona Metzger and Shlomo Amar)

OP-ED: Whither the Chief Rabbinate
Dov Zakheim and Steven Bayme in Jerusalem Post

AJC Statement on the Chief Rabbinate in Israel
(adopted by Board of Governors, June 2012)

AJC Statement on Religious Pluralism
Adopted by Board of Governors, January 2011

Transforming Israel's Chief Rabbinate

Dov S. Zakheim

AJC COLLOQUIUM: The Public Role of the Chief Rabbinate as Factor in Israel-Diaspora Relations

Calls for Change to Chief Rabbinate

New York Jewish Week


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