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AJC Berlin Briefing: Facts & Myths in the Circumcision Debate
Date: 12/12/2012

Transforming Israel's Chief Rabbinate
Date: 11/27/2012

The Use of Jewish History Survey Texts in Jewish Secondary Schools
Jess Olson
Date: 8/12/2009

The New Realism: American Jews' Views about Israel
Theodore Sasson
Date: 6/23/2009

Religious Switching among American Jews
Tom W. Smith
Date: 2/24/2009

A Primer on the American Jewish Community
Jerome Chanes
Date: 6/2/2008

The New Post-Zionist Historians
Yoav Gelber, Koppelman Institute
Date: 5/1/2008

The Arab Minority in Israel: An Analysis of the "Future Vision" Documents
Elie Rekhess, Koppelman Institute
Date: 4/4/2008

The American Jewish Experience through the Lens of Cinema
Eric A. Goldman
Date: 2/1/2008

Why Be Jewish?
BarryW. Holtz and Steven Bayme
Date: 8/5/2007

At a Century’s End, At a Century’s Beginning: Symposium on the Prospects for Judaism and the Jews
Date: 4/1/2007

Young Jewish Adults in the United States Today
Jacob B. Ukeles, Ron Miller, Pearl Beck
Date: 10/11/2006

Choosing Jewish: Conversations about Conversion
Sylvia Barack Fishman
Date: 4/1/2006

Identity: Young Jews Speak Out
Date: 11/5/2005

American Jewry and the College Campus: Best of times or worst of times
Date: 11/1/2005

Israel on my Mind: Israel's Role in World Jewish Identity
Dorothy and Julius Koppelman Institute in American Jewish-Israeli Relations
Date: 11/1/2005

Celebrating 350 Years of American Life
Date: 11/1/2003

Renewing the Jewish Social Contract: Bridging the Religious-Secular Divide
Koppleman Institute
Date: 8/1/2003

On Jewish Peoplehood
David Harman, Koppelman Institute
Date: 9/1/2002

Jewish and Something Else: A Study of Mixed Married Families
Sylvia Barack Fishman
Date: 5/1/2001

Masorti (Conservative) Judaism in Israel
Rabbi Harvey Meirovich
Date: 1/10/1999

A Statement on the Jewish Future: Texts and Responses
Date: 9/1/1997

A. B. Yehoshua Controversy: An Israel-Diaspora Dialogue on Jewishness, Israeliness, and Identity
Dorothy and Julius Koppelman Institute on American Jewish-Israeli Relations & American Jewish Committee

All Quiet on the Religious Front?

Canon of Jewish Literacy
Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson

Jewish Arguments and Counterarguments

Talking Dollars And Sense About Jewish Education
Jack Wertheimer

The Costs of Jewish Living: Revisiting Jewish Involvements and Barriers
Gerald B. Bubis

Understanding Jewish History: Text and Commentaries
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