Muslim-Jewish Relations

Since its inception, AJC has been one of the leading organizations-Jewish or American--committed to strengthening understanding and communication across religious lines. Our goals include communicating concerns and sensitivities of the Jewish community to those of other faiths, and helping the Jewish community understand the concerns and sensitivities of others. Through organizational partnerships and coalitions, formal and informal discussions and conversations, academic conferences, publications, and personal interaction, our efforts have made major contributions to cooperation and mutual respect among peoples of all faiths.

Rabbi David Rosen
Director of the Department for Interreligious Affairs
Director of the Harriet and Robert Heilbrunn Institute for International Interreligious Understanding

Rabbi Gary Greenebaum
U.S. Director of the Department for Interreligious Affairs

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the three "Abrahamic faiths," tracing their roots to the time of Abraham. To quote David Harris, our efforts in the area of Muslim-Jewish relations should remind us "of the long, rich, and often mutually nourishing historical relations between Jews and Muslims in many lands and the extraordinary gifts to humankind that Muslim-Jewish interaction generated in advancing knowledge and culture."

As we face the future, AJCs efforts in the area of Muslim-Jewish relations will lay the groundwork for understanding and cooperation across faith group lines in ways that will be extraordinarily important.

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