The Engaging America Program
Developed by AJC's Department of Interreligious Affairs and Belfer Center for American Pluralism, the AJC's EngagingAmerica initiative empowers AJC members and staff to be effective domestic diplomats in an ongoing nationwide project of interethnic and interreligious engagement. Through training sessions that build intergroup leadership and advocacy skills, and a website that provides resources and information, EngagingAmerica moves the intergroup conversation beyond dialogue to social and political action on behalf of Jews and our neighbors. Leaders are encouraged to represent Jewish and American concerns from the perspective of Jewish values and history.

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Interreligious Programs
Our Jewish tradition teaches us that as we are all created in the Divine image, that we must love our neighbors as ourselves. Our task is to build meaningful relationships and mutual understanding with other religious groups. This involves ongoing interaction, learning about each other's core beliefs and critical issues, and working together on issues of mutual concern. Such relationships with religious partners enable us to more effectively engage on issues of concern to the Jewish community. The American Jewish Committee's Department of Interreligious Affairs produces programs at both the national and chapter level that facilitate dialogue and proactive advocacy.

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Interethnic Programs
In an increasingly diverse America no single ethnic minority can succeed independently. It is our responsibility, as citizens and as Jews, to assure the social and economic well being of all groups in this nation, and that we continue to embrace and draw vitality from our rich diversity. The American Jewish Committee's Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Center for American Pluralism furthers these goals by producing programs at both the national and chapter level that develop relationships and networks, promoting dialogue and proactive advocacy.

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