AJC Asia Pacific Institute (Washington, DC)

Through international diplomacy, AJC's Asia Pacific Institute (API) is cultivating relationships with the highest levels of key decision makers and thought leaders throughout the entire Asia Pacific region, strengthening key alliances with existing partners, and building new friendships with Asian American communities in the U.S. API is AJC's subject-matter expert on this vital and powerful region and, as a leading voice, provides strategic guidance and advice to AJC leadership, regional experts, scholars and staff. API is expanding into a premiere global institute and is raising awareness about the Jewish people and Israel, building partnerships among Jews, Asians and all people, and advocating on important matters including counter-measures against international and domestic extremism, terrorist media, Iranian threats, Israel's security, democratic values and immigration. API's reach is throughout the entire region, presently has staff in Southeast Asia and India, and is developing a strong presence in China. API maintains international partnerships with the Jewish communities in Australia. AJC leaders frequently visit countries throughout the region.
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