AJC maintains offices in Berlin, Brussels (Transatlantic Institute), Geneva (UN Watch), Paris and Rome has association agreements with a number of European Jewish communities. AJC works with European political leaders and Jewish communities to promote pluralism and respect for diversity. AJC forcefully condemns all manifestations of xenophobia and anti-Semitism in these countries, and supports the efforts of Jewish communities there to rebuild a vibrant Jewish life. Exchange programs bring new political elites from Europe to the U.S. to see firsthand successful tolerance-building efforts.


Immediately following World War II, AJC was the first Jewish organization to develop programs with Germany. In 1997, AJC became the first American Jewish organization to open a permanent office in Berlin, Germany--the Lawrence and Lee Ramer Center for German-Jewish Relations.
Through its involvement with Germany, AJC seeks to achieve German-Jewish understanding and reconciliation in the aftermath of the Holocaust, a goal made especially urgent by the significant role that Germany now plays in European relations with Israel and in the promotion of democracy in Eastern Europe. AJC has developed relationships and programs with all key government leaders and political foundations in Germany.

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Brussels (Transatlantic Institute):

Located in Brussels, the seat of the Council of the European Union and the headquarters of NATO, the Transatlantic Institute fosters ties among the European Union, Israel, and the United States. The Transatlantic Institute is an extension of AJC's worldwide diplomatic activity, unparalleled in the NGO world. The Transatlantic Institute was made possible by the philanthropy of long-time AJC leaders Rhoda and Jordan Baruch, along with their children, Larry and Laurie Baruch, Marjory Baruch and Wu-te Hsiang, and Roberta (Bobi) Baruch and Jerry Ostrov, and their children's families.

Transatlantic Institute Website

Geneva (UN Watch)


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