National Immigration Policy & Advocacy

National Immigration Policy & Advocacy

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Our badly broken immigration system must be fixed through federal legislation.

From its founding in 1906, AJC has been a strong voice in support of fair and generous treatment of immigrants, participating actively in many of the major immigration debates of our time. AJC continues to reaffirm its commitment to fair and generous immigration policies, as fundamentally good for the United States and consistent with Jewish values.

Our commitment to appropriate immigration policies is not only about the Jewish community, which today constitutes only a small portion of the immigration flow. It is fundamentally about what we see as in the best interests of our country overall, as well as assuring that our nation acts in accord with its highest values. American immigration policies must be consistent with safeguarding our national security through maintaining control over our nation's borders and enforcing the nation's immigration laws in a fashion consistent with due process and humane treatment. We are also committed to measures that better incorporate newcomers into American society and culture.

It is only through federal immigration reforms that we will fix our broken immigration system. In the absence of comprehensive immigration reform, the essential reforms that AJC advocates for include:

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