AJC advocates for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

AJC advocates for comprehensive immigration reform.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform: For more than a century, AJC has been a vocal advocate for a generous and humane immigration system that is also effective and enforceable. A comprehensive approach—and certainly not a patchwork of constitutionally problematic state laws—is the only effective way to fix our flawed system and protect our homeland security. There are millions of people currently living in the shadows throughout the United States, unable to gain full access to fundamental needs such as health care and education. And the fact that we do not know who is entering, and has entered, our country poses obvious security risks. Mass deportations of the undocumented population must be rejected out of hand—such actions would violate family unification principles, fail to address security concerns, and run counter to the values of American society. Comprehensive immigration reform must provide a holistic approach to reforming our immigration system.
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