Elections 2012

AJC, a non-partisan organization, is actively engaged in the political process. We interact with candidates and elected officials on both sides of the aisle to advance our mission and inform policy-makers about AJC's core principles.


AJC’s written questionnaire, submitted to both of the major presidential candidates, affords the candidates an opportunity to respond directly to AJC’s members, supporters and other interested parties on questions about a range of critical issues, including the U.S.-Israel relationship, the pursuit of peace in the Middle East and elsewhere, America's reliance on foreign oil, the war on terror, reform of our immigration system, and protection of religious liberty.
AJC Surveys

AJC has conducted surveys American Jews for more than 20 years. Surveys during election years provide vital insights into the thinking of registered Jewish voters.

According to AJC's national Fall 2012 survey, American Jews are likely to re-elect President Obama by a margin of two-to-one over Gov Romney. More results, and specific results from Ohio and Florida, can be found below:
Platform Statements

AJC seeks to educate candidates about our priority issues through meetings with platform committee officials and by presenting platform suggestions to both the Republican and Democratic parties.
AJC at Conventions

Every four years, AJC attends the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. At each, we host thought-provoking and timely events with Members of Congress, journalists, community members, Project Interchange alumni, and convention delegates to discuss AJC's priority issues—Israel, Iran, energy security and human rights—and provide an opportunity for discussion of interfaith and intergroup dialogue on areas of common concern and cooperation.

AJC in Election News

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