Jewish Life

The Contemporary Jewish Life Department engages in a variety of programs designed to improve the quality of Jewish life and to ensure Jewish continuity. Read More


From Understanding Jewish History to A Primer on the American Jewish Community, find AJC materials on issues of Jewish communal concern.
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Israel-Diaspora Relations

The interdependence of the American Jewish and Israeli Jewish communities is best quantified...
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Intra-Jewish Relations

Although Jews often disagree vigorously over the interpretation of tradition and over a vision for the future...
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American Jewry at 350+ Years

AJC continues in its leadership role during the ongoing celebration of 350 years...
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Jewish Continuity and Intermarriage

American Jewry is experiencing two narratives. Jews enjoy greater...
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Jewish Education

As the twenty-first century unfolds the greatest challenge facing the Jewish community...
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Canon of Jewish Literacy

AJC's initiative in interactive adult Jewish education provides a list of volumes Jews should own and read, study and program guides.
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