Immigration: Why We Engage

Why We Engage

Why We Engage Bridging America
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Why We Engage the Immigration Debate
  • According to Jewish tradition, "strangers are to be welcomed and valued, as we were once 'strangers in the land of Egypt.'" Themselves once immigrants, most American Jews feel a sense of obligation to others who flee persecution, wish to reunite with their families, or want to take part in the freedom and opportunity that this nation offers.
  • Immigrants enrich this nation economically and culturally. A fair and generous immigration policy reflects our highest values and is an affirmation of the founding principles of this country.
  • Depriving immigrants - or any class of people - in our county full and equal rights inevitably tears at the social fabric of this nation, generates anger and resentment and risks similar injustices toward others.
  • Our pro-immigration/immigrant policies appeal to groups whose help we may need on other issues of Jewish concern.
AJC Board of Governor's Statement on Immigration

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