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Sharing common roots and some common texts, interactions and dialogues between the Christian and Jewish communities form the model for all AJC interreligious efforts. AJC seeks out, establishes, and strengthens close ties with its Christian partners in the interests of mutual understanding, a safer and more peaceful world, unity on issues of shared importance, and human rights.

Rabbi David Rosen, third from left, with Pope Benedict XVI and a wide variety of religious leaders in Nazareth during the Pope's May 2009 journey to Israel.


Christian Leadership Initiative (with the Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem)
Annual since 2008
Over a 13-month cycle, a dozen top American Christian scholars and leaders, such as seminary presidents and regional bishops, study in Israel. Learning Jewish text from a Jewish perspective helps these Christian leaders break down barriers and gain a new perspective on Judaism. One participant, the Rev. Dr. Jim Antal, president of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ, said, "We created a learning community that examined ancient texts as well as current headlines with a kind of rigorous candor unprecedented in my interfaith experiences."
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Oberammergau Passion Play
This ritual drama, primarily concerned with the events of Jesus' last days and performed at regular ten-year intervals in the village of Oberammergau, Germany, presents unique challenges – and opportunities – for both Christians and Jews. Embedded in the play's 366-year history are certain anti-Jewish elements that have prompted AJC and others to act in tandem with Oberammergau leaders to transform aspects of the drama's text, set, costumes, and performance. AJC has been involved with this issue since 1929, and continues to be a leading participant in dialogue about and in Oberammergau today.
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Shared Roots, Divergent Paths (Westchester)
Twice annually, ongoing
This bi-annual Catholic-Jewish Lecture Series provides the opportunity to hear from leading Jewish and Christian scholars on issues of interest to the two faiths. The series is conducted in conjunction with Iona College's John G. Driscoll Professorship in Jewish-Catholic Studies. Recent programs included "The Twelve Points of Berlin: A Time for Recommitment."
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Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies (West Coast Florida)
The Center for Catholic-Jewish Studies (CCJS) is a partnership between St. Leo University and AJC's West Coast Florida Regional Office.

Catholic Jewish Action Committee (Colorado)
The CJAC convenes leaders of the Archdiocese of Denver and AJC Colorado. The committee examines key issues facing both communities and develops programs to better educate the greater community.
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Project Interchange Journey to Israel with African-American Pastors
July 2009
Project Interchange brought a group of African-American pastors to Israel in order to promote cross-religious and cross-cultural understanding in the areas of Israeli history, culture, and geopolitics situation.
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Partners Publications

The Latest Catholic-Jewish Crisis: Turning a Minus into a Plus
Rabbi David Rosen (2009)

Wide Horizons: Abraham Joshua Heschel, AJC, and the Spirit of Nostra Aetate
Gary Spruch (2008)

Nostra Aetate, 40 Years After Vatican II: Present and Future Perspectives
Rabbi David Rosen (2005)

Pope John Paul II: In Memoriam
Rabbi David Rosen, Rabbi A. James Rudin, and Lisa Palmieri-Billig (2005)

Israel-Vatican Relations Since the Signing of the Fundamental Agreement
Rabbi David Rosen, in The Israel-Vatican Accords: Political, Legal, and Theological Contexts, edited by Marshall J. Breger, University of Notre Dame Press, 2004.
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