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AJC has long pioneered in strengthening understanding across religious lines. Our goals include communicating concerns and sensitivities of the Jewish community to those of other faiths, and helping the Jewish community understand the concerns and sensitivities of others. Through organizational partnerships and coalitions, formal and informal discussions and conversations, academic conferences, publications, and personal interaction, our efforts have produced major contributions to cooperation and mutual respect among peoples of all faiths.

Catholic, Jewish and Muslim educators in Chicago worked together to improve the representation of differing religions in schools and textbooks.


The Women of Faiths (Baltimore)
Ongoing since 1977, meets regularly
This clergy discussion group of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian women most recently turned to the situation in Gaza and how to respond to it.
Contact: Lois Rosenfield,

Abrahamic Film Series (Baltimore)
March 24, April 14, and May 5, 2010
AJC Baltimore and the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies ( presented a community-wide series of films which explore the diversity and complexity of religious life in Israel for Jews, Muslims, and Christians. The films focused on the challenges facing the three religions as they adapt to modern life.
Contact: Lois Rosenfield,

The Use and Abuse of Religion in American Politics (Baltimore)
March 22, 2010
For Interfaith Day at the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, AJC sponsored an interfaith clergy luncheon featuring Rabbi David Saperstein, Director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, as a guest speaker. Rabbi Saperstein said that while the Constitution protects political activity of the parts of religious groups, certain boundaries are necessary.
Contact: Lois Rosenfield,

Chicago Coalition for Interreligious Learning (Chicago) The Chicago Coalition for Interreligious Learning: Catholics, Jews and Muslims Working Together was created through the work of the Chicago Regional Office's Interreligious Affairs Commission. This landmark interfaith effort has created guidelines for teaching about other faith traditions for Catholic, Jewish and Muslim educators. The group intends to produce solid, concrete changes in the way differing religions are represented in religious school textbooks and classrooms in an effort in promoting respect and mutual understanding among respective communities. For more information, see
Contact: Emily Soloff,

Westchester Interreligious Clergy Network (Westchester)
The Westchester Regional Office initiated the Westchester Interreligious Clergy Network as a response to the multiple divestment initiatives coming out of the mainline Protestant churches. Today, it is led by a multi-faith steering committee, which provides a space for clergy of all faiths to come together to discuss issues of concern to their congregations, identify areas of mutual interest and facilitate the replication of successful interfaith models.
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