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Jews Should Recognize When Christians Change
Gary Greenebaum and Noam Marans on The Jewish Journal, August 10, 2010
Date: 8/10/2010

AJC Sends Young Jewish Leaders to Germany for Passion Play 2010
Texas Jewish Post, August 5, 2010
Date: 8/5/2010

Even in the Shadow of the Shoah, We Can't Hate Indiscriminately
Philadelphia Jewish Exponent, July 15, 2010
Date: 7/20/2010

Passion Play called more balanced
Associated Press, July 2, 2010
Date: 7/2/2010

Oberammergau’s Impact on Christian-Jewish Relations
Op-Ed in Jerusalem Post, June 14, 2010
Date: 6/14/2010

Oberammergau Still Needs Some Work
Letter to the Editor in The Forward, June 11, 2010
Date: 6/11/2010

Oberammergau: It takes a village
Stars and Stripes, June 3, 2010
Date: 6/3/2010

In Oberammergau, a Passion Play for the Times
Wall Street Journal
Date: 5/28/2010

Oberammergau Passion Play better, but not good
Date: 5/25/2010

Once-a-decade passion play opening
Associated Press
Date: 5/21/2010

Passion Play continues to excite strong feelings
The Jewish Standard
Date: 5/21/2010

German Passion Play
Letter to the Editor in New York Times
Date: 5/17/2010

Thoughts on the Oberammergau Passion Play and Anti-semitism
Juedische Allgemeine Zeitung
Date: 5/12/2010

Young Jews, Catholics to debate Passion Play
Date: 5/3/2010

Make Sure Oberammergau’s Passion Won’t Inflame
Jerusalem Post, December 2, 2009
Noam E. Marans
Date: 12/3/2009
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