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AJC Annual Meeting 2009
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Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Thursday, May 7, 2009   Friday, May 8, 2009
Opening Plenary: Global Jewish Challenges Today
Keynote: Bernard-Henri Lévy,
French author
Video of Bernard-Henry Levy  Video excerpts 7 min.
Audio of Bernard Henri-Lévy  Audio 30:32 min.

Public Service Award
Presentation: David Harris,
Executive Director, AJC
Response: Stuart A. Levey,
U.S. Under Secretary of the
Treasurer for Terrorism and
Financial Intelligence
Audio of David Harris and Stuart Levey  Audio 22:11 min.
Transcript of Introduction by David Harris  Transcript

Tribute to Jan Karski
Tribute to Jan Karski  Video 3:52 min.

Gala Program
Address: Franco Frattini,
Foreign Minister of Italy
Video of Franco Frattini  Video excerpts, 3 min.
Audio of Franco Frattini  Audio 20:16 min.
Transcript from Franco Frattini  Transcript

Jan Karski Award
Recipient: John Mann, MP,
British parliamentarian
Video of John Mann  Video excerpts 5 min.
Audio of John Mann  Audio 19:28 min.
Transcript from John Mann  Transcript

Address: Eric H. Holder, Jr.,
Attorney General of the United States
Audio of Eric Holder, Jr.  Audio 11:04 min.

Remarks: Jason Kenney,
Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and
Multiculturalism of Canada
Audio of Jason Kenney Audio 6:38 min.

Global Threats: Lessons for Diplomacy
Audio of Global Threats: Lessons for Diplomacy Audio 18:39 min.

Martine Rubenstein,
Member, Board of Governors, AJC

Elliot Abrams, Senior Fellow,
Council on Foreign Relations;
Deputy National Security Advisor, 2005-08
George Friedman, CEO of STRATFOR, author
Moisés Naím, Editor-in-chief, Foreign Policy

  Moral Courage Award
Recipient: Congressman John Lewis
Video of John Lewis  Video 4 min.
Audio of John Lewis  Audio 7:47 min.

Mass Media Award
Recipient: Pilar Rahola
Audio of Pilar Rahola  Audio 20:16 min.
Transcript from Pilar Rahola  Transcript

Has Global Anti-Semitism Gone Mainstream?
Audio of Entire Session: Has Global Anti-Semitism Gone Mainstream? Audio 2 hrs.

Rabbi Andrew Baker, Director,
International Jewish Affairs, AJC

Valerie Hoffenberg, Director, AJC France
Deidre Berger, Director,
Lawrence and Lee Ramer Institute for
German-Jewish Relations, Berlin, AJC
Hillel Neuer, Executive Director,
UN Watch, AJC
Dina Siegel Vann, Director,
Latino and Latin American Institute, AJC