ACCESS 2009 Durban II Analysis


Durban Review Conference Analysis:


AJC ACCESS sent a delegation of 23 members to the Durban Review Conference in Geneva to monitor and broadcast what took place at the conference. They wrote fascinating analyses of the program -- you can find some excellent examples of their work below.

To look at photos of the conference check out our Flickr AJC Durban II delegation and Durban Review Conference pics and Picasa Durban album.

For videos check out You Tube Durban Review Conference - End of Interview with Stand With Us, Durban Review Conference - Clown during Ahmadinejad's speech and Where in the world is Michael Jordan (somewhere at Durban II) with Naomi Reinharz speaking around 6:20. More videos can be found here.

Below there is complete list of blogs, articles and first hand accounts from our ACCESS delegation. 



Atlanta Jewish Times (column by Harris Konter)

         Conference ignored human rights victims (May 15)

Denver Post (editorial by Melissa Combs)

         Conferees in Geneva focus on racism (April 18) 

LA Jewish Journal (blogs by David Weiner)

         Arrival (April 20)

         Our way or Norway (April 21)

         Bring Popcorn and a Tissue (April 22)

         Twisted Tounges (April 23)

J Weekly (blog by Liora Gelblum)

         Durban II: Vanquishing the ghosts of Durban I (April 30)

Kansas City Jewish Chonicle and Jewish Federation of Omaha (article by Maggie Fried)

         Fear or hope: Mixed emotions from the Durban Conference (May 6)

National Post (blog by Adena Philips)

         The other conference on racism - the one the UN should have held (April 24)

The Canadian Jewish News (article by Adena Philips)

         Pro-Israel elements leave mark on Durban II (April 30)

The Detroit Jewish News Online (interview with Alicia Chandler)

         FEATURES: Bearing Witness In Geneva (April 28)

The Jerusalem Post (blogs by Zach Novetsky)

         Preparing for the conference (April 19)

         A brief encounter with three clowns (April 21)

         Yom HaShoah in Geneva (April 21)

         Jewish students in solidarity with Darfurian refugees (April 22)

         A shift is needed on American campuses (April 23)

          YouTube Video of NY protest of Durban II (April 30)

The New Republic (blogs by Zvika Krieger)

         Should I Be Scared? (April 17)

         Libya on Trial (April 19)

         In Search of Anti-Semites (April 20)

         Live-blogging Ahmedinejad (April 20)

         Following Ahmedinejad (April 20)

         Spoiling For a Fight (April 22)

         As I Was Saying (April 23)

         Battle of the NGOs. How to hijack a UN panel (April 24)

         With Friends Like These (April 24)

         Israel's A-Team (April 25)

New York Times International Herald Tribune (letter by Noam Schimmel)

         The U.N. Racism Conference (April 22) 



Alicia's Durban Review Conference Blog (blogs by Alicia Chandler)

         Preparing for Durban (April 14)

         Welcome to Geneva (April 18)

         Updated Draft Document (April 18)

         Doing What Is Right (April 19)

         Applauding Hatred (April 20)

         Grab Bag (April 21)

         Draft Document Approved (April 21)

         As Exhaustion Sets In…. (April 21)

         Empty Chairs (April 22)

         Act Now for Darfur (April 25)

         Censorship by another name.... (April 27)

Boston Freedom Forum (blogs by Barnet Kessel)

         Five Days until Day One of the Durban Review Conference (April 19)

         Four Days until Day One of the Durban Review Conference (April 19)

         Three Days until Day One of the Durban Review Conference (April 19)

         Erev Day One of Durban Review Conference (April 19)

         Day One of the Durban Review Conference (April 20)

         Day Two of the Durban Review Conference (April 22)

         Day Three of the Durban Review Conference (April 23)

         Day Four and Five of the Durban Review Conference (April 25)

         First Day Post of the Durban Review Conference (April 26)

Boston Freedom Forum (blogs by Adena Philips)

         ACCESS arrives at Durban II (April 20)

         Day One at the Durban Review Conference (April 20)

         Ahmadinejad’s address (April 22

         Trouble in the side sessions (April 22)

Boston Freedom Forum (blogs by Liora Gelblum)

         An Encounter with Ahmadinejad (April 23)

         Remembering Darfur (April 23)

Durban Review Conference (blogs by Alisa Malki)

         On my way (April 19)

         Meeting my first Darfurian (April 20)

         Ahmadinejad and Technical Difficulties (April 20)

         Badget revoked. Durban delegitimized further (April 21)

         The Words of Yousef Aboh. Survivor of Darfur (April 23)

My Durban Review Blog (blogs by Melissa Combs)

         On My Way to the UN Durban Review Conference in Geneva (April 17)

         Faces of Genocide (April 19)

         Circus at the UN (April 20

         Demonstration of Hope (April 21)

 Heebonics – Canadian Jewish News (blogs by Adena Philips)

         Durban II - Day 2: The Farce Continues (April 22)

         Durban II - Day 2 continued... (April 22)

         Durban II - Day 3 - Learning the rules of the game (april 23)

         Duban Day 4 - Frustrations and conclusions (April 27)

Jewcy (article by Edgar M. Bronfman and Taylor Krauss)

         Whose "Never Again"? (April 21)

Oy Bay (blogs by Liora Gelblum)

         Dispatches from the Durban Review Conference (April 20)



Speaking Engagements

The West Side Jewish Center Synagogue

        Adena Philips, April 25


        Ilana Ron & Zvika Krieger, April 30

Kesher Israel-The Georgetown Synagogue, "Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism at the UN? My Experiences at the Infamous Durban II Conference Last Week."

        Zvika Krieger, May 1

Georgia Council for International Visitors

         Harris Konter, May 5


         David Weiner, May 7

AJC Atlanta Chapter Annual Meeting

         Harris Konter, May 21

 AJC Denver Board

        Melissa Combs, June 11

AJC Detroit Board

         Alicia Chandler introduced Hillel Neuer at an event that followed called What Really Happened at Durban II: an Eyewitness Account”

ACCESS End of Year Meeting

         Harris Konter, June 8

Temple Emanuel, Los Angeles (invited by their Israel Matters committee)

          David Weiner, June 15

CHAI FM - South African Radio (

         Ilana Ron, June 25 (9 A.M.)

AJC Washington Board

        Zvika Krieger, June

South African Zionist Federation (skills-building session)

        Ilana Ron, June

Bnei Yeshurun Congregation in Teaneck, NJ (Zionism = Ricism: From the Classroom to the Plenary Hall)

         Adena Philips, July 12

Rabbinic Council, Denver

        Melissa Combs, TBA

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