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Why Military Action was Israel's Only Choice
David Harris in the Dallas Morning News

“This time, Hamas misread Israel. It opted to believe its own propaganda about an Israel fearful of a barrage of missiles and worried about an exit strategy.”

David Harris in the Jerusalem Post

“Some of Israel's fiercest critics go far beyond the limits of what might be termed rational debate. They have obscenely tried to turn the Holocaust on its head, portraying Israel as committing Nazi-like crimes - the ultimate libel against the Jewish state.”

Take Hamas at Its Word
David Harris in the Jerusalem Post

“The worldview of Hamas extends far beyond Israel and the Jews. By its own words, it seeks global Islamic domination, the restoration of the transnational Caliphate, rejection of Western values, and the repudiation of basic human rights. It aspires to the ‘utter destruction’ of America. It is a saboteur of any possible move toward Arab-Israeli peace. Its closest allies are Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.”

Fighting Terror Isn’t ‘Proportional'
Jason Isaacson in a special AJC Briefing

“An Egyptian contact, seldom sympathetic with Israel, said, ‘This is a mess, and it makes our lives difficult. But we warned Hamas very clearly what would happen if they kept firing at Israel, and they didn’t listen to us. Israel had to stop them.’”


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