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Updated (12/5/08)

  1. Have you heard about the 2001 UN Durban Conference against Racism, Racial Discriminations, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance?

    Yes – 85.7%
    In passing – 3.6%
    No – 10.7%

  2. Were you aware that a UN Durban Review Conference is scheduled for April 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland?

    Yes – 82.1%
    No – 17.9%

  3. What do you think chances are that the UN Durban Review Conference will advance its stated agenda to address and help prevent racism globally?

    Likely – 14.3%
    Unlikely – 60.7%
    Unsure – 25.0%

  4. What do you think chances are that this conference will deteriorate into an anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist forum?

    Likely – 60.7%
    Unlikely – 10.7%
    Unsure – 28.6%

  5. To-date, The United States has not participated in the Durban Review preparatory process. Do you think the United States should work harder to demand that the Durban Review Conference is not a forum to demonize any group or state?

    Yes – 82.1%
    Unsure – 3.6%
    No – 14.3%

  6. Do you think the US should condition its participation in the 2009 Durban Review Conference on specific outcomes in line with the principles and values of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Or should it disparage the UN for its failures to date?

    Yes the US should condition its participation – 43.5%
    No the US should not condition its participation but still attend – 30.4%
    No the US should not condition its participation and not attend at all – 26.1%

  7. For decades, it has been the goal of the Arab countries to discredit and expel Israel from UN conferences and bodies. Only the unshakeable support of the US has prevented this from happening. Do you think Israel is correct in its announced decision to boycott the Durban Review Conference in April 2009?

    Yes – 46.4%
    Partly – 21.4%
    No – 32.1%

  8. The United Nations offers a forum for the US to build support for global action on foreign policy concerns, including resolving conflicts, promoting international stability, and solving environmental and other complex problems. The UN allows the US to advance its goals without taking all the risks or paying all the bills. How would you rate the UN’s success at mediating existing and potential world conflicts?

    Very successful - 3.7%
    Moderately successful - 63%
    Not successful - 25.9%
    Exacerbates conflict - 7.4%

  9. The UN’s Human Rights Council authorizes reports and intervention in cases of human rights abuse worldwide. However, the council has been criticized for focusing too much on problems in Israel and a general refusal to address human rights problems in other regions. Western democratic countries constitute a minority in the council. For two years in a row, the United States chose not to run for a seat on the council, and it has instructed its diplomats to severely limit US participation and presence. The US absence from the council leaves a void in which no one is speaking out to protect our interests or those of our close friends and allies. Do you think the US should have a representative on the UN Human Rights Council in order to influence its actions?

    Yes – 81.5%
    No – 11.1%
    Unsure – 7.4%

  10. Given the current situation at the UN Durban Review Conference, which is based alongside the Human Rights Council, do you think the United States should make a stand and get involved or should it withdraw from active participation? 

    The US should get more involved – 70.4%
    The US should withdraw from active participation – 14.8%
    Other - 3.7%
    Unsure - 11.1%

 Selected Comments from the Survey

4. "There is no NGO Forum and that is where the antisemitism was on display in Durban."

7. "I appreciate their strength in deciding not to attend, but if they're not at the table, they can't play a role."

"Boycotting sends a message - but attending and refuting any untrue allegations sends a stronger message."

9. "Ignoring the situation is not changing the situation."

10. "I think that withdrawal is not the right course of action, but I don't think that participation in the way the UN currently functions is right either. However, if we choose to want to participate, we should influence how this body operates."

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