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 Oct 12
NATIONAL CONFERENCE CALL: Peace crisis? What now for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations? National conference call briefing with Jason Isaacson, director of AJC Office of Government and International Affairs.
 August 23- 29 TRAVEL:  South Africa Trip
In conjunction with AJC's Africa Institute
Explore black-Jewish relations through the unique lens of South Africa
Click here for more information.
Cost: $1700 (not including international airtravel)
  INFORM: AJC responds to the NY Muslim community center – Special ACCESS national conference call. AJC has taken an outspoken position on the controversial Muslim community center planned for lower Manhattan known as Park51. The discussion about the center has erupted nationally and prominent Jewish voices have taken very different stands. Join us for a special ACCESS briefing on the situation and our position by AJC’s Exective Director David Harris. Also joining and prepared to answer questions are Yehudit Barsky and Rabbi Noam Marans, AJC experts in international terrorism and interreligious affairs.
 August 2-11 TRAVEL: Student trip to Berlin
Hosted by Germany Close-Up
Open to current students and AJC Goldman Fellows
Estimated Cost: $670
 June 19-27


TRAVEL: ALLIANZ-AJC Third Generation Fellowship
Join peers from ALLIANZ to explore German and Jewish past and present in Munich and Berlin (strong priority given to applicants from ACCESS NY and ACCESS DC)
Cost: $400

June 4
INFORM: Special ACCESS conference call on Gaza Flotilla
Join ACCESS for a special conference call featuring AJC Executive Director David Harris for a discussion about the recent Gaza flotilla.  As this incident has garnered worldwide media attention, it is extremely important that ACCESS members and friends understand the issues and are able to effectively engage with others on the subject.  David Harris, one of the leading diplomats and spokesmen for the global Jewish community, will discuss the international implications and ramifications of the incident as well as prepare us to engage effectively on matters related to the incident.  
TRAVEL: Germany: Focus on Interreligious
Spearhead unique interreligious outreach efforts in Germany
Hosted by Germany Close-Up
About the Oberammergau Passion play
About the Munich Jewish community
ENGAGE: AJC Annual Meeting
Washington, DC
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INFORM: Attitudes of Arabs and Muslims Towards Jews and Israel. As a follow up to the Feb. 22 conference call, join ACCESS members from around the country in a discussion regarding Arab and Muslim sentiment towards Jews and Israel and areas for possible future collaboration between the two groups.  We will be joined by renowned expert Mordechai Kedar of Israel. 

February 27-
March 8
 TRAVEL - India: Witnessing A Strategic Partnership at Work
 February 22  INFORM: Muslim-Jewish Relations conference call
Featuring Dalia Mogahed, Executive Director and Senior Analyst for the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies
 February 8  INFORM: Turkey’s Changing Politics conference call
Featuring Aaron Jacob, AJC’s Associate Director of International Affairs
January 25, 2010
INFORM: Ramifications of Copenhagen Conference conference call
Featuring Dr. Mirele Goldsmith who represented six Jewish and non-Jewish nonprofit organizations at the conference
December 1 INFORM - ACCESS conference call with David Harris
Discussion of the key international issues which are shaping the global Jewish agenda, particularly the impact of the Goldstone Report
November 7-9  TRAVEL - The Jewish Response to the Energy Challenge (J-REC)
Clean and Secure Energy Mission to San Francisco, CA
 November 8  INFORM - International Webcast of JREC Conference (San Francisco, CA)
New York, Colorado, Dallas, St. Louis, Jerusalem, Eilat
October 20-22

TRAVEL - Israeli Presidential Conference
Jerusalem, Israel

October 19 INFORM - ACCESS conference call with David Harris
Discussion of the key international issues which are shaping the global Jewish agenda, particularly Iran.  He will also share insights from AJC’s Diplomatic Marathon, an annual series of meetings (this year there were a record 75!) with presidents, prime ministers, foreign ministers, and other key foreign policy leaders from around the world. 
October 5 INFORM - ACCESS conference call on AJC's Immigration Reform Plans
Featuring Kara Stein, AJC's Director of Legal Advocacy
August 1-10 Berlin Close-Up Student Trip
Hosted by Germany Close-Up. 
June 21-25 Catholic and Jewish Emerging Leaders Conference
Castel Gandolfo, Italy.
June 11-21 Berlin Close-Up, with special focus on alternative energy
May 6 - 8
ACCESS @ AJC’s Annual Meeting
Join an incredible intellectual forum, train for action. Washington D.C.
April 18-24 UN Durban Review Conference
Geneva, Switzerland -- The ACCESS Delegation to the UN Durban Review Conference will be part of a worldwide effort dedicated to ensure that the 2009 Review Conference remains true to the cause of combating racism and racial discrimination; and that it does not turn into an anti-Semitic and anti-Israel forum.
April 13 Monthly ACCESS conference call on "What to do About Iran," with Emanuele Ottolenghi, director of the Transatlantic Institute and author of Under a Mushroom Cloud. Moderated by Doug Lieb.
March 14-22 Student Visit to Poland: Impact Polish-Jewish Relations- an unparalleled international affairs opportunity
Forum for Dialogue Among Nations, ground costs covered by grant
March 9 Monthly ACCESS conference call focusing on Who We Are & Where We’re Going: Gen X/Gen Y Jewish Identity Today.” Guest speaker: Shawn Landres CEO & Director of Research of Jewish Jumpstart. Moderator: Adam Weiss; ACCESS LA
February 16 ACCESS Conference call with Dr. Eran Lerman, Director of AJC's Israel/Middle East office, will discuss the outcome of the Israeli elections and the repercussions of the war in Gaza.
January 17-19 Conference on Black-Catholic-Jewish relations
Americans at the Pulpit in the Public Square: A conversation on race, religion and rhetoric in a diverse America at Xavier University, New Orleans
January 12-19 Student Service-Learning Trip in New Orleans
Including participation in historic Black-Jewish conference "Americans at the Pulpit in the Public Square: A conversation on race, religion and rhetoric in a diverse America"
New Orleans
January 11-13 AJC Solidarity Mission in Israel
 January 12, 2009
Conference call about President-Elect Obama's main challenges as he enters office.  with Richard Foltin and Kara Stein, AJC, 
November 7-16, 2008 Trip to Berlin, Germany
hosted by Germany Close-Up
August 25 - 31, 2008 Trip to Israel with Konrad Adenauer German leaders.
August 21 - 24, 2008 AJC-Brandeis Institute on World Jewry; Berkshires
August 19 - 29, 2008 Germany: Student trip to Berlin with Germany Close-Up -
August 17 - 24, 2008 Rwanda trip; AJC's Africa Institute and South African Union of Jewish Students.
July 24 - 25, 2008 Urban NEXT Summit in New Orleans; Gathering of young people making change in NOLA.
May 13-15, 2008 AJC/ACCESS delegation at President's Conference Facing the Future in Israel.
May 2 - 3, 2008 ACCESS Global Summit and AJC Shabbat celebration.Washington, DC
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