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Kenneth Bandler


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David Harris’s weekly 60-second messages on the CBS radio network reach 35 million listeners
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Noam Marans on FoxNews
Catholics and Jews
Rabbi Noam Marans discusses Catholic-Jewish relations with FOX Religion Correspondent Lauren Green
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Noam Marans on FoxNews
Iran, Syria, Mideast Peace
David Harris on France 24 global TV
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Kenneth Bandler on Fox News
The World and Syria
Kenneth Bandler discusses the world's reaction to the horrors in Syria on FOX News
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David Harris on CNN
American Jews and Israel
David Harris on CNN's Amanpour
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AJC OP-ED: Whither the Chief Rabbinate
(Chief Rabbis Yona Metzger and Shlomo Amar). “The Chief Rabbinate has clearly become an object of derision, even scorn in many quarters, both in Israel and the Diaspora,” write Dov Zakheim and Steven Bayme.

AJC OP-ED: Israeli Arab Voters
"Logic would dictate that Israel’s Arab citizens should come out in droves on Election Day," writes Kenneth Bandler in the Jerusalem Post. "The prognosis, however, is grim, as revealed in two surveys of Arab voters."

Freedom Sunday's 25th Anniversary
The largest American Jewish gathering showed "what is possible, against all the odds, if only the Jewish people stand together, persevere and join forces with others of good will," writes AJC Executive Director David Harris, who served as national coordinator for Freedom Sunday for Soviet Jewry.
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