AJC Election Questionnaire

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Barack Obama
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Each presidential election season, members of the American Jewish community join millions of our fellow citizens in examining news reports, prioritizing issues, and dissecting policies of the presidential candidates. America’s Jews are a diverse group; their policy concerns, political orientations, advocacy priorities, and voting behavior cross a broad spectrum. Prior to each presidential election, the American Jewish Committee seeks to respond to this diversity by soliciting—in writing—the views of candidates on national and international issues central to our community. The submissions we receive are widely distributed among AJC’s more then 175,000 members and supporters and are available to other interested citizens.

The Democratic and Republican candidates for President were presented with the same questions. The candidates’ responses to this year’s AJC questionnaire—covering an array of topics, including prospects for peace in the Middle East, America’s addiction to foreign oil, the war on terror, the ongoing crisis in Darfur, immigration policy, church-state safeguards, and religious practice in the workplace—are included herein and are reproduced without editing.

As we approach Election Day, we encourage readers to examine the candidates’ responses and consider how each candidate’s positions will affect the Jewish community, and the wider society, in the coming years. AJC, a non-partisan membership organization founded in 1906, is committed to broadening the understanding of Jewish community concerns among American political leaders and informing the community of key political and public policy developments. We present this material in that spirit.

Jason F. Isaacson
Director of Government and International Affairs

Richard T. Foltin
Legislative Director and Counsel

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