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Edward Rettig is the Director of the Israel/ Middle East Office of AJC. Before that he served for nine years as Associate Director for Legislative Affairs and Education and for two years as Associate Director of the Contemporary Jewish Life Department of AJC, working at national headquarters in New York.

Born in the United States, Rettig immigrated to Israel in 1972. He holds a law degree from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and received a Wexner Graduate Fellowship to study at the Hebrew Union College where he received rabbinical ordination. Rettig also holds a doctorate in Modern Jewish History from the Hebrew Union College and is working on a book about the history of cultural differences between American and Israeli Jews. He is a veteran of the Israeli army having participated in combat roles in the Yom Kippur and Lebanon wars. He served as an attorney in the Israel Ministry of Police and on the boards of IsrAID, the Israeli Coalition for International Assistance and human rights associations in Israel. He has published on freedom of speech, the laws of libel and issues of democracy, as well as on the American Jewish Community and its ties with Israel. His work has been cited in the Israel Supreme Court reports, in the Israeli, American-Jewish and general media.

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