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America Table: A Thanksgiving Reader, www.americastable.org

America's Table: Celebrating
our diverse roots and shared values

To watch the video interviews or read profiles, click one of the photos above.

In a world too often threatened by differences, Thanksgiving is a day to appreciate how our various backgrounds make America vibrant, while our democratic values unite us and keep America strong. America's Table: A Thanksgiving Reader tells this story and helps us express gratitude for being part of it.

Profiles of individuals, whose lives and work exemplify these themes, complement a brief narrative. The narrative is intended to be read aloud prior to the Thanksgiving meal by simply going around the table and taking turns or having a leader designate parts.

The profiles can be read at the Thanksgiving table or at another time. You also may want to read the profiles published in the 2004 and 2005 editions of America's Table, which are provided on this Web site.

The American Jewish Committee's Belfer Center for American Pluralism first published America's Table after 9/11, and distributes it annually in cooperation with these human relations organizations:

National Association for the Advancement
     of Colored People
National Council of La Raza
National Urban League
National Conference for Community and Justice
Cuban American National Council
Islamic Supreme Council of America
Japanese American Citizens League
New America Alliance
Organization of Chinese Americans
Korean American-Jewish American Council

Henri Paren. Click to see VIDEO. Aileen Joseph. Click to read PROFILE. Robert Coren Morris. Click to see VIDEO. Alber Cheng. Click to read PROFILE. M. Elena Letona. Click to see VIDEO. Eric N. Gioia. Click to read PROFILE. Mahjabeen Hassan. Click to read PROFILE. Harold Brooks. Click to see VIDEO. Marianela Jordan. Click to read PROFILE. Gerald Durley. Click to read PROFILE. Zainab Al-Suwaij. Click to see VIDEO. Susan Lew. Click to read PROFILE. Joseph E. Aoun. Click to see VIDEO. Colette Phillips. Click to see VIDEO. David A. Paterson. Click to read PROFILE. Rick Noriega. Click to read PROFILE. Sanjay Puri. Click to see VIDEO. Prem Sharma. Click to read PROFILE. Igor Branovan. Click to read PROFILE. Norman Mineta. Click to read PROFILE.
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