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"The American Jewish Year Book is the single most authoritative and useful volume on the condition of American and world Jewry. No one concerned with Jewish life and issues can operate without it."
-Nathan Glazer, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University


"Through your research efforts, we have begun improving our textbooks and sensitizing our teachers to the Holocaust."
-Toomas Hendrick Ilves, Estonian President (as Foreign Minister)


"Your review of curriculum in our country made a difference; the depiction of Jews in our schoolbooks in currently being revised."
-Eduard Kukan, Slovakian Foreign Minister (1998-2006)


"For those who need up-to-date and authoritative information about Jewish life in America and around the world, the American Jewish Year Book [an American Jewish Committee publication] is an indispensable source."
-Joseph Lieberman, U.S. Senator from Connecticut


"The annual volumes of the American Jewish Year Book, of which the 100th has recently been published, have become an indispensable reference work for those interested in American Jewish life.... They provide invaluable source material for any student of the Jewish experience."
-Los Angeles Times


"AJC's William Petschek National Jewish Family Center has produced some of the most important scientific research available on different kinds of Jewish families."
-Shulamit Reinharz, Professor, Brandeis University
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