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"For hard-pressed Jewish defense organizations, the AJC offers a positive model of adaptation and change. The Committee's style is a winner in the Jewish community that feels more secure and less apart from the American mainstream."
-Baltimore Jewish Times


"In a remarkable series of advertisements in The New York Times, the American Jewish Committee asked a wide array of Jews what being Jewish means to them. In reading these statements, I was moved by the attachment of these particular Jews to their heritage."
-Alan M. Dershowitz, Professor, Harvard Law School


"I have long admired AJC for its indispensable contributions to improving the quality of Jewish life and to fighting anti-Semitism, racism, and extremism."
-Rabbi Irving Greenberg, Chairman, United States Holocaust Memorial Council


"Credibility in all the major streams of Judaism and a distinguished record of service make AJC ideal for strengthening Jewish unity and ensuring Jewish pluralism."
-Steven T. Katz, Professor, Department of Judaic Studies, Boston University


"Brandeis University, Tel Aviv University, and the American Jewish Committee are three citadels of the Jewish intellectual elite."
-The Forward


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