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"There are so many ways that the American Jewish Committee has advanced and spoken to the enduring bond between the United States and Israel. AJC recognizes that we are two nations woven together with our stories, our stories of struggle and triumph, of hope and disappointment. We are beacons for pilgrims and people yearning to be free. We are lands built by immigrants and exiles, given life by democratic principles, and sustained by the service and sacrifice of generations of patriots. We have seen our cities and our citizens targeted by terrorists. And Americans and Israelis alike have met these threats with unyielding resolve."
—Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State


"No one will ever forget how you stood in vigilant brotherhood at the cradle of our emergent statehood; and how you helped us lay the foundations of our international status and of our crucial friendship with the government and people of the American Republic."
Abba Eban, Israeli Ambassador to the UN (1949-1959),
Israeli Foreign Minister (1966-1974)


"No American Jewish organization has done more to support Israel since its historic rebirth than the American Jewish Committee."
Stuart Eizenstat, U.S. Undersecretary of State (1997-1999)

"The American Jewish Committee has changed history."

Ambassador Dore Gold, Permanent Representative of Israel to the UN (1997-1999),
referring to AJC's leadership role in successfully advocating for Israel's admission to a regional group of the UN

"When you ask which are the most relevant organizations in the world tackling the problems faced by Israel and the Jewish people, it's clear to me that AJC is at the top of the list."

Gidi Grinstein, President, Reut Institute


"Madeleine Albright and I passed the AJC ad [in The New York Times] around the room of European Union foreign ministers-that's how it all started."
Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke,
on the campaign for Israel's admission to a regional group of the UN


"Among all Jewish organizations, I have found that yours is the most profound.... And your organization was the first one to focus on the globality of our life. I don't know any other organization that pays so much attention to what's happening outside the United States, with respect to and beyond Jewish life, from India to Germany to France and in many other places…. You have our real respect and appreciation."
Shimon Peres, Israeli President (as Foreign Minister)

"I would like to express my deep appreciation for your tireless efforts to promote Israel's foreign relations through the numberless meetings you held in the course of the 56th General Assembly of the UN. You have displayed extremely high professional standards in these encounters, turning them into an effective tool to advance our cause. You commitment to the well-being of the State of Israel, and its people, is indeed commendable and is well-deserving of our deep esteem and gratitude."

Shimon Peres, Israeli President (as Foreign Minister)

"AJC's amazing and unique global advocacy has directly contributed to strengthening Israel's national security. I've seen AJC's real impact in meeting after meeting with my counterparts around the world.

Ron Prosor, Israeli Ambassador to the UN


"By your actions, you have made a signal contribution to the cause of peace in the Middle East. It is gratifying to know Israel has such steadfast friends."
—Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli Prime Minister (1974-1977 and 1992-1995)

"The American Jewish Committee is the most powerful pro-Israel lobby in the United States."

"Credibility earned over many decades makes AJC an exceptionally persuasive advocate for Israel."
Natan Sharansky, Chairman, Jewish Agency


"The American Jewish Committee is the most respected and influential among all Jewish organizations in the United States. In the political war we face, Israel does not have many such loyal, talented and influential friends as the leaders of the AJC."
-Ehud Sprinzak, Founding Dean, Lauder School of Government,
Policy, and Diplomacy at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel


"Among those who deserve credit for [Israel's invitation to join the West European and Others regional group at the UN] are the Netherlands... U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Ambassador to the UN Richard Holbrooke... and the American Jewish Committee, which led a campaign for Israel's inclusion over the last seven years."
-The Jewish Week


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