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AJC and Germany

"The AJC has been investing in the transatlantic partnership for decades in an exemplary way. Indeed, the new Berlin office has, for ever more American Jews, become a bridge of understanding with the Germany of today."
—Joschka Fischer, German Foreign Minister and Vice Chancellor (1998-2005)


"The American Jewish Committee has pioneered the German—Jewish—American dialogue."
Klaus Kinkel, German Foreign Minister (1992-1998)


"It is particularly gratifying to note that the network of German—American relations has, of late, also been extended by new institutions in Germany.... The American Jewish Committee has opened its office in Berlin; it is good to know that this respected organization is now present in the German capital."
—Helmut Kohl, German Chancellor (1982-1998)


"AJC was the first Jewish organization to seek contact with Germany after the Holocaust, and AJC remains today an important partner for Germany-both in terms of dialogue with American Jewry and transatlantic relations in general."
Angela Merkel, German Chancellor


"It is no coincidence that I am giving my first speech in the United States as Federal President before the American Jewish Committee. For over fifty years AJC has been among the avant—garde when it comes to American—German relations."
Johannes Rau, German President (1999-2004)


"I take great pride not only in the close links we maintained with the United States, but also with Israel, as well as the cooperative ties we fostered with the American Jewish Committee to sensitize the German military to our special historical responsibility to the Jewish people."
Rudolf Scharping, German Defense Minister (1998-2002)


"The AJC is a welcome forum for transatlantic dialogue.... We are grateful for its contributions to understanding between peoples and to fostering German—Jewish dialogue.... The Bundeswehr sees the AJC as an important enrichment for our officers. We would not want to be without the partnership."
Peter Struck, German Defense Minister (2002-2005)


"The AJC remains indispensable. No one understands more clearly the need for vigilance and the danger of silence. "...I thank AJC for its unwavering and visible support for our efforts [in Kosovo]. I commend the generous campaign of relief you launched to aid the victims. To the people of Kosovo, AJC is a hero.

"...Around the equator and from pole to pole you have done more than preach; you have taught. The benefits of your teaching have spread like manna upon the water, bringing diverse communities into the shared light of mutual understanding. For you believe, as I do, that the more we know about each other, the more we will see ourselves in each other. And that is the beginning of tolerance, and the origin of human progress."
Madeleine Albright, U.S. Secretary of State (1997-2001)


"I would like to express our sincere appreciation to the American Jewish Committee. You, the Jewish people, more than any other nation, understand the need for security like no others; you have experienced what it means to be totally insecure."
Jerzy Buzek, Polish Prime Minister (1997-2001)


"The American Jewish Committee's efforts and vigilance are critically important to promoting tolerance and religious freedom in Russia and Ukraine."
Bill Clinton, 42nd President of the United States (1993-2001)


"Your distinguished organization has... notably contributed to Latvia's rapid development as a modern European country with a clear vision of its future and an objective look at its past."
Vaira Vike-Freiberga, Latvian President (1999-2007)


"Let me acknowledge those who have substantially contributed to the creation of an order of security and peace in Europe, such as the American Jewish Committee."
Václav Havel, President of the Czech Republic (1993-2003)


"I know we can continue to count on the American Jewish Committee's ongoing moral, political, and diplomatic support."
Zlatko Lagumdzija, Prime Minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina (2001-2002)


"The friendship between Bulgaria and the American Jewish Committee has stood the test of time, much like the friendship of the Bulgarian people and the people of the United States of America...

"Allow me today to extend that recognition to every single one of you here, to all members and friends of the American Jewish Committee and say thank you for consistently promoting the friendship between our nations and helping forge a strong alliance between Bulgaria and the United States,

"Thank you for your unfailing support for reforms, and for promoting Bulgaria's membership in the NATO;

"Thank you for being there in times of need, including the time when AJC took a firm stand in advocating the release of the Bulgarian medics wrongly accused and sentenced to death by the Gaddafi regime in Libya;

"Thank you for partnering with the Bulgarian Jewish Community "Shalom" in standing up to anti-Semitism; remembering the Holocaust; countering the influence of Islamist extremism and other movements hostile to our shared security."
Nickolay Mladenov, Bulgarian Foreign Minister

"I recognize how much you help me understand Israel, to understand your community, your concerns and your points of view."

Miguel Moratinos, Spanish Foreign Minister (2004-2010)


"I have been telling my fellow EU foreign ministers — when you go to the United States and meet with Colin Powell to discuss the Middle East, you should also be meeting with the American Jewish Committee."

"...I would like to express my deep appreciation of the work carried out by the American Jewish Committee, including its contribution to the promotion of a lasting peace and stability in the Middle East.

"...I'm very proud to be here with AJC, among friends and colleagues who have worked enthusiastically and diligently so that ties between Greeks and Jews may survive the test of time, sometimes very difficult times."
George Papandreou, Greek Prime Minister (2009-2011) (as Foreign Minister)


"The AJC is one of the most influential non-governmental organizations in the world — and the most influential in a number of areas."
Solomon Passy, Bulgarian Foreign Minister (2001-2005)


"The American Jewish Committee is the single most effective NGO in the world that I have ever encountered.... AJC has brought Eastern Europe closer to the United States and Israel, thus reawakening Jewish life in this tormented and promising part of the world.... The American Jewish Committee has a vision. It is both an outstanding think tank of academic caliber, and it is a think tank full of doers. AJC has been engaged with Bulgaria for many years and we are grateful for its strong support."
Solomon Passy, Bulgarian Foreign Minister (2001-2005)


"It is no exaggeration to state that the American Jewish Committee is the best ambassador of Greek Jews in the United States."

David Saltiel, President, Board of the Greek Jewish Community


"AJC is the most effective, most influential, and most respected of American Jewish organizations.... My door will always be open to AJC."
Nicolas Sarkozy, French President


Asia and Pacific Rim

"AJC's efforts to establish an ongoing dialogue paid off. The Japanese government pledged to discourage Japanese companies from complying with the Arab boycott. The AJC's dignified, low—key approach should serve as a model for future activism."
David Goodman and Masanori Miyazawa, authors of Jews in the Japanese Mind


"AJC has done so much to help build friendship between India and America."
Anand Sharma, Indian Cabinet Minister for Commerce and Trade


"I consider AJC perhaps the most serious, not only Jewish, but non-governmental group anywhere dealing with global affairs."
Mark Sofer, Israeli Ambassador to India


"A week before the vote, the American Jewish Committee successfully urged Japanese and South Korean leaders not only to support, but to cosponsor repeal [of the Zionism is racism resolution at the UN General Assembly]."
The Forward


"According to Hideo Sato, senior official at the Japanese embassy in Washington, the new Japanese policy of opposing the Arab boycott of Israel was the result of five years of patient diplomacy by the American Jewish Committee."
The Jerusalem Report


Latin America

"This institution, a pioneer in the defense of human rights, stands out for its intense work in favor of liberty, justice, and understanding between ethnic, racial, and religious groups, not only in the United States, but also in the rest of the world. The main public affairs issues that concern this prestigious institution, such as the fight against racism, the defense of freedom of religion, and the respect for civil rights are a natural outgrowth of the rich and complex experience of the Jewish people. The principles of the AJC reflect a profound humanism, the fruit of the Jewish people's religious and cultural legacy, as well as their extraordinary history."
Vicente Fox, Mexican President (2000-2006)


"The AJC is the leading Jewish organization in the United States."
La Nacion, leading Argentine newspaper


Middle East and the Muslim World

"We highly appreciate the role of the American Jewish Committee in deepening the friendship and cooperation between the United States and the Republic of Azerbaijan."
Heydar Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan


"AJC focuses on highlighting the stark dangers posed by the current Iranian regime."
Stuart Levey, U.S. Under Secretary of State for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence (2004-2011)


"Of the national Jewish organizations, the American Jewish Committee appears the most involved in monitoring Muslim activities, having established a national desk on international terrorism."
Gary Rosenblatt, Editor, The Jewish Week


United Nations

"Your organization has been a terrific presence, not only in this country but in so many other countries. I share your commitment to ensuring that the United Nations is a strong, vibrant organization that treats all sides fairly."
Richard Gephardt, House Majority Leader (1989-1995)


"For more than 15 years, the American Jewish Committee has been at the forefront of efforts to repeal Resolution 3379, the obscene 1975 United Nations General Assembly resolution which found Zionism to be a form of racism and racial discrimination. This has sometimes been a lonely struggle, considered by many to be quixotic. Some even argued that it was better to keep quiet about this obscene resolution. Overall there has been an inability to understand just how dangerous this resolution was to the State of Israel. But the AJC did understand. And persisted."
Daniel Patrick Moynihan, U.S. Senator from New York (1977-2001)


"Inclusion of a human rights provision in the UN Charter was due to the brilliant leadership of the American Jewish Committee."
James T. Shotwell, Professor, Columbia University



"Over the years Washington's rejection of religious bigotry has matured from a foundation of our domestic politics into a guiding doctrine of our foreign policy. The AJC deserves special credit for this progress .... Formed to resist anti—Semitic persecution in Czarist Russia, the AJC has emerged as a great champion of religious liberty worldwide."
George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States (2001-2009)


"I am filled with gratitude for AJC's help in passing the recent legislation on trade and development. After a long journey, we finally are about to build a full trading partnership with the people of sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean. We never could have reached this goal without you."
Charles B. Rangel, U.S. Congressman from New York

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