2016-2017 Programming Year In Review

What a tremendous year!  Scroll down to view all 84 programs of AJC Westchester/Fairfield during the 2016/2017 programming year.

  1. July 13th -  AJC Live! Radio Show - "Israel from the European Perspective", featuring Ambassador George Van Bergen

  2. July 27thAJC Live! Radio Show – “Israel from the Latin American and Asian Perspective,” featuring Dina Sigel Vann

  3. August 10thAJC Live! Radio Show – “Armchair Advocate: The Social Media Show,” featuring Seffi Kogen

  4. August 29thAJC Live! Radio Show – “Confronting Global Anti-Semitism”

  5. September 6th AJC Live! Radio Show – “The Iran Nuclear Deal – One Year Later,” featuring Jason Isaacson

  6. September 7th “Combatting Global Anti-Semitism,” featuring Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Global anti-Semitism Ira Forman.

  7. September 11th - Regional Kick-Off Board Meeting, featuring Bob Silverman on Muslim-Jewish relations.

  8. September 13th Diplomatic Outreach Training session featuring David Harris.

  9. September 14th Film screening and discussion: “In Search of Israeli Cuisine”

  10. September 15thCommunity Forum on Civil and Religious Rights, featuring New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

  11. September 18th-September 27th – United Nations General Assembly Diplomatic Marathon

  12. September 19th AJC Live! Radio Show – “Deborah Lipstadt on Denial – Movie about David Irving Case”

  13. September 22nd Stamford parlor meeting with AJC Israel Director Avital Leibovich.

  14. September 22ndAJC Salon featuring Avital Leibovich.

  15. September 25th - Sacred Spaces at the Shinnyo-En Buddhist Temple in White Plains.

  16. September 29th – “Shared Roots, Divergent Paths” program, “Self-Evident: Ethical Challenges of Voting”

  17. October 16th – “Denial” – special film screening and discussion with Professor Deborah Lipstadt

  18. October 20th Jewish-Muslim Interfaith Sukkot Dinner

  19. October 26thDiplomatic Outreach Training session featuring a panel of diplomats

  20. October 30thMultifaith Service: “Love in our Faith Traditions.”

  21. October 31st AJC Live! Radio Show:  “Reaching out to the Muslim Community,” featuring Bob Silverman

  22. November 2nd AJC Salon on religious pluralism in Israel, featuring Rabbi Asher Lopatin

  23. November 7th AJC Live! Radio Show, “Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast Preview Show”

  24. November 9th “An Inside Perspective: Israel, the U.S. and the Middle East” with Israeli Deputy Consul General Matan Zamir

  25. November 17th – Annual Thanksgiving Diversity Breakfast

  26. November 21st – AJC Live! Radio Show, “Learned Hand Award Dinner”

  27. November 21st - Diplomatic Outreach Training Session (Role Play Session)

  28. December 1st – Judge Learned Hand Award Dinner

  29. December 5th – AJC Live! Radio Show, “Ambassador Elena Poptodorova on AJC Central Europe”

  30. December 6th – Israeli Heroes Event (co-sponsorship)

  31. December 7thRegional Board Meeting, featuring Jason Isaacson

  32. December 7th – “The Future of U.S. Foreign Policy Under the Trump Administration” featuring Jason Isaacson.

  33. December 12thBoard Chanukah Party

  34. December 19th AJC Live! Radio Show, “New Israeli Representatives in New York,” featuring Israeli Consul General in New York Danny Danon and Westchester shlicha Oshra Rosenberg

  35. January 2nd AJC Live! Radio Show, “The Genius of Judaism – featuring Bernard-Henri Levy”

  36. January 10th AJC Salon: The Progressive Case for Israel, featuring Rabbi Gordon Tucker

  37. January 15th Sacred Spaces at Greater Centennial A.M.E. Zion Church

  38. January 16th AJC Live! Radio Show, “Global Reactions to a Trump Presidency – Part I”

  39. January 16th J-Teen MLK Day of Service Humanitarian Program (co-sponsorship)

  40. January 16th Litvak-Israeli Cooking Program, featuring the Lithuanian Consul General in New York Julius Pranevicius

  41. January 25th Interfaith Film screening and post-screening discussion of “Of Many”

  42. January 27th UN Holocaust Commemoration Program

  43. January 30th AJC Live! Radio Show, “Global Reactions to a Trump Presidency – Part II”

  44. January 31st Project Interchange Parlor Meeting, featuring recent diplomatic seminar alumni from Spain, Jamaica and Moldova

  45. February 6th AJC Live! Radio Show, “Muslim Jewish Advisory Council,” featuring Bob Silverman

  46. February 10th Our Neighbors as Ourselves, “The Risk of the Alt-Right” with Mark Potok

  47. February 14th Regional Board Meeting featuring Israeli Consul General in New York Dani Dayan. 

  48. February 20th AJC Live! Radio Show, “Israeli Settlements,” featuring Ambassador Aaron Jacob and Professor Gil Troy

  49. March 6th AJC Live! Radio Show, “2017 Westchester Jewish Film Festival”

  50. March 6th International Women’s Day program featuring Canadian Consul General Phyllis Yaffe.

  51. March 8th “Prime Ministers II: Soldiers and Peacemakers,” special film screening and program, featuring Ambassador Aaron Jacob

  52. March 13th Our Neighbors as Ourselves Phone Briefing, “Should the US Leave the UN Human Rights Council” with Felice Gaer

  53. March 16th-April 2nd – Westchester Jewish Film Festival

  54. March 19th “Once in a Lifetime” (Q&A with Rene Pierre Azria and Professor Mehnaz Afridi)

  55. March 21st “The People vs. Fritz Bauer” (Q&A with David Harris)

  56. March 23rd “Keep Quiet” (Q&A with Rabbi Andrew Baker and Hungarian Consul General Ferenc Kumin)

  57. March 28th - “Bogdan’s Journey” (Q&A with Rabbi Harry Pell and filmmaker Larry Loewinger)

  58. March 30th“I Shall Not Be Silent” (Q&A with Rabbi A. James Rudin)

  59. March 20thAJC Live! Radio Show, “Building Bridges of Understanding Across the Nation,” featuring Rabbi David Rosen, Rabbi Gordon Tucker and Pastor Carl Sherman

  60. April 3rd AJC Live! Radio Show, “Annual Gala Preview Show,” featuring CNN Global Affairs Analyst Aaron David Miller

  61. April 4th Shared Roots, Divergent Paths Program, “Seeking Common Ground: Communicating in Times of Division,” featuring Rabbi Haskel Lookstein and Father Wil Tyrrell.

  62. April 6th Jewish-Muslim-Christian Interfaith Passover Seder

  63. April 20th Our Neighbors as Ourselves Phone Briefing, “The Immigration/Refugee Issue:  The National Discussion and the Local Perspective” featuring representatives of HIAS.

  64. April 24th AJC Live! Radio Show, “Yom Hashoah Special,” featuring Professor Thane Rosenbaum and Dr. Mehnaz Afridi

  65. April 25th Regional Board Meeting featuring AJC Assistant Director for Campus Affairs Seffi Kogen

  66. April 26thAJC Salon featuring Dr. Steven Bayme

  67. May 1st AJC Live! Radio Show, “Israel Memorial and Independence Days,” featuring Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon and Israeli shlicha in Westchester Oshra Rosenberg

  68. May 1st  – Community-wide Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’azmaut Event (co-sponsorship)

  69. May 7th  – SEE Israel Event (co-sponsorship)

  70. May 9th Diplomatic Tour of Jewish New York

  71. May 15th AJC Live! Radio Show, “A Taste of the Global Forum,” featuring Ambassador Robert Ford

  72. May 18th – Annual AJC Westchester/Fairfield Gala honoring Beverly Rosenbaum and Eugene Grant and featuring AJC CEO David Harris

  73. May 21stProject Interchange alumni Event featuring Tal Becker

  74. May 21st AJC Salon featuring Tal Becker, “The Jewish Debate on the Arab-Israeli Conflict”

  75. May 23rd College Campus Parlor Meeting for students, featuring Seffi Kogen

  76. May 29th AJC Live! Radio Show, “Yossi Klein Halevi on the Six-Day War”

  77. June 4th-6th – AJC Global Forum in Washington DC.

  78. June 5th - AJC Live! Radio Show, “Post-Election France and the Jihadists,” featuring AJC Europe Director Simone Rodan-Benzaquen and Professor Gilles Kepel

  79. June 8th Interfaith Breakfast on “Peace in the Middle East” with Rabbi David Rosen

  80. June 12th Regional Annual Meeting, featuring keynote address by Ambassador Robert Ford, “Inside Perspective on Syria”

  81. June 15th Special film screening and discussion, “Tickling Giants,” featuring Felice Gaer and Egyptian peace activist Ahmed Meligy

  82. June 19th – AJC Live! Radio Show, “Dr. Meron Medzini on Media in Israel, Israel in Asia and Golda”

  83. June 21st Lunch and Learn with Professor Meron Medzini, “Should Israel Pivot Towards Asia?”

  84. June 29th Film Screening:  “A Little Poland in India” at the Indian Consulate in New York

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