Harriet Schleifer and Elliott Rose, Co-Chairs

Mission: To raise funds and identify, cultivate and empower lay leadership at the Westchester/Fairfield region level to support AJC activities. Fundraising and leadership development are accomplished through a variety of programming and direct solicitation efforts.

Background: Given the threat of terrorism, the emergence of hostile global powers, the enormous challenges to Israel’s continued existence as a Jewish state, the need to safeguard the wellbeing of Jews through the world as well as protect the rights of all people, AJC’s mission has never been more important. AJC depends solely on the community’s financial support in order to carry out its crucial work. Over 75% of AJC’s income is raised through its annual campaign. Membership dues and other income provide only 22% of our budget.

Recent Activities:

  • Solicitation of Membership.
  • Individual meetings with donors and prospects
  • Israel... New Perspectives Gala Dinner honoring Frank Linde and Rabbi Mitchell Hurvitz and a "Made in Israel" technology fair. 
  • Judge Learned Hand Dinner on November 13, 2013 which honored Georgia Kramer, Andrew Entwistle and Hon. Albert Rosenblatt and featured a lively debate on "Is the NSA Keeping Us Safe?  Balancing Privacy and Security".
  • Private dinners and discussion sessions during the Westchester Celebrates Jewish Film 2012 at the Jacob Burns Film Center, March 19-Aprl 10, 2014.
  • Intimate parlor meetings featuring notable AJC experts.

Global Forum