AJC fights for a safer, more peaceful future for the Jewish people, Israel, and all humanity. As the leading global Jewish advocacy organization, AJC has unparalleled access to diplomats, government officials, and religious leaders. Through these relationships and our deep understanding of key issues, AJC works to impact opinion and policy at the highest levels. High-level diplomacy, legislative advocacy, coalition building with ethnic and religious groups,  and strategic communications to amplify our advocacy are all core components of what we do through 10 overseas posts, 22 regional offices across the U.S. and partnerships with 32 Jewish communities around the world. We engage leaders internationally, nationally and locally.    AJC WESTCHESTER/FAIRFIELD is one of the most vibrant regions in the network with a community of over 3,500. Our members are thoughtful about Jewish issues and wish to take action on those issues. You have the power to act through AJC. 

Get involved today by attending our programs and/or by joining any one of our committees which include College Campus Affairs, Diplomatic Outreach, Connecticut Outreach, Contemporary Jewish Values, Energy, Interreligious and Intergroup Relations, Israel New Perspectives, Jewish Film Festival, and Project Interchange. Become a member of AJC Westchester/Fairfield by clicking here or by contacting our office by phone (914) 948-5585 or e-mail westchester@ajc.org