MK Yoel Hasson Biography

Yoel Hasson is a member of the 18th Knesset and currently holds the prestigious role of Chairman of the State Control Committee. As a member of the 17th Knesset, Hasson had the important roles of Kadima party Whip and Chairman of the Coalition. Hasson is considered a rising star in Israeli politics, moving up from seat 29 on the Kadima party list to seat 11 in the last election. Hasson is currently the second youngest member of the Knesset.

Since becoming a member of Knesset, Hasson has been active on the following Knesset Committees:

  • The House Committee
  • The Economics Committee
  • Acting Member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee
  • The Education, Culture and Sports Committee
  • The Finance Committee
  • Chairman of the Lobby for The Advancement of Young People in Israel
  • Chairman of the Lobby for the Protection of Animals in Israel

In June 2006 Hasson was nominated as the President of the 35th World Zionist Congress.

Prior to serving as an elected official, Hasson was an advisor to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and was part of his political staff. He also headed the Public Affairs Department at the Prime Minister's office.

Hasson has also been active in the following leadership roles:

  • Chairman of the Young Likud Movement
  • Chairman of the Prime Minister’s Foundation
  • Chairman of the Leadership Council of the Beitar Youth Movement
  • Member of the National Council on Demographics
  • Member of the Authority for the Promotion of Women and Israel’s Women’s Lobby
  • Honorary Member of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity

Hasson holds a Bachelor’s degree in Government and Public Policy from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzeliya, and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Government with a focus on Terrorism and Security. Hasson was raised in Rishon Le‐Zion and currently resides in Tel‐Aviv.


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