Ambassador Haim Divon - Bio


Ambassador Haim Divon is currently the Deputy Director General, Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and Head of MASHAV, the Center for International Cooperation, the national agency responsible for the design and implementation of Israel's International Development Program.

MASHAV was established 50 years ago and is now marking its golden jubilee.  Ambassador Divon joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1975 and served in the Israeli consulates in Bombay (1977-80) and Toronto (1981-83), headed the Israeli Mission in Sri Lanka (1985-89), and was Ambassador to Ethiopia (1991-93), and to Canada (2000-04).  In 1990-91, as the Director of the Ethiopian Affairs Desk, he coordinated the inter-ministerial team responsible for the planning and implementation of Operation Solomon, the airlift of Ethiopian Jews to Israel.

Ambassador Divon also served as Director of the Jewish Affairs Division; Policy Advisor and
Head of Bureau, Office of the Deputy Foreign Minister; Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial
Committee on Desertification; and Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Forum on Water Issues.
Ambassador Divon is committed to mobilize Israel’s expertise and know-how to assist in
meeting the development challenges faced by so many countries today, thereby cooperating
with other international organizations in this matter.

Ambassador Divon pursues his belief in the importance of the State of Israel and of the Jewish
World joining hands, and working side by side, to improve the quality of life in other countries
around the world in the spirit of the Jewish imperative of “Tikkun Olam.”

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