Deputy Consul General Benjamin Krasna - Bio

Born and bred in New York, Benjamin Krasna brings a unique perspective to the position of Deputy Consul General, a position he assumed in August 2005.

As Deputy Consul General in New York, Israel’s largest mission, he coordinates the political work of the Consulate in the tri-state area, developing relations with national, state and local officials. He maintains regular contact with those following major foreign policy and strategic issues at think tanks and the elite universities.

He acts as liaison for the Ministry with the National and Local leadership of the Jewish Community. In addition, he coordinates Inter-Faith dialogue and outreach nationally for the Foreign Ministry and its missions in the U.S.

His professional background before coming to New York focused on the Middle East and Europe.

After two years in the Jordan Division of the Ministry in Jerusalem, he assumed his first post abroad as Deputy Consul General in Istanbul, where he served from 1997 to 2000. His service there coincided with the tragic earthquakes in Turkey in 1999, during which he acted as Foreign Ministry liaison, coordinating Israeli search and rescue efforts in the field and at the IDF field hospitals, as well humanitarian efforts in the aftermath of the disasters.
Mr. Krasna served as Spokesman of the Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands from 2000-2002.

Between 2002 and 2005 he served in the Western European Division of the Ministry in Jerusalem, specializing in the European Union, NATO and the OSCE, including two years of responsibility for the EU Political Affairs Desk covering bilateral issues and the EU involvement in the Middle East.

Mr. Krasna holds a B.A. in Middle Eastern Studies from Rutgers University, an M.S. in Management from Boston and Ben-Gurion Universities and an M.A. in International Affairs from John Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.

Mr. Krasna lives in Modiin, Israel’s’ fastest growing city. There he has been on the managing board of an innovative public school, for children from varied Jewish backgrounds learning together as a way to instill greater Jewish unity and universal education in Judaism and Jewish values.

He is married and the proud father of three boys is a lifelong fan of the Knicks and Yankees.

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