Energy Security


Mission - AJC has long believed that the development of a comprehensive U.S. energy program is essential to the economic and social well-being of our country, our national security and the continuance of our broad role in world affairs.  AJC carries out a broad array of initiatives at the National level to effectuate this.  At the local level, this Committee has a two-fold mission:

1.  To advocate and lobby local, state, and federal legislators to promote energy independence from foreign oil and investment in renewable, alternative fuel sources.

2.  To encourage and promote public awareness of the issues involved.


Recent Events - The Energy Committee's signature event is the annual Energy Independence Event held every fall, as follows:


Take AJC Westchester's Energy Pledge - AJC Westchester created these “Ten Commandments for Responsible Energy Consumption” in order to provide our members with simple measures we can take to reduce our energy consumption, thereby reducing our nation’s dependence on foreign oil that enriches our enemies and harms our environment. Please follow the link below and sign the pledge to do your part!  Learn more.


AJC Westchester Energy Blog - Stay up to date on all of AJC's energy security initiatives by reading our Energy Blog. Read More.


AJC's National Resources - AJC's National organization maintains a comprehensive website on energy issues.  Click here to visit the National website.  Below are a sampling of resources.


1.  Over a Barrel: How America’s Dependence on Foreign Oil Endangers Our National Security, Economy and Environment

2.  Guide to Buying Green Cars

3.  AJC's Fuel - Efficient Vehicle Bonus Program

4.  AJC Goes Green - "AJC Green Building Project"


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