Rising anti-Semitism globally, especially in Europe, threatens Jews and democratic societies. With offices in Berlin, Paris, and Rome, AJC has implemented a multi-pronged plan to address this intensifying crisis.

In May 2015, AJC convened “A Defining Moment for Europe,” a strategy conference to counter the rising tide of anti-Semitism on the continent. There, just down the street from the European Parliament building in Brussels and in the presence of government officials, diplomats, and community leaders from all over the continent, AJC issued a six-point plan detailing concrete steps governments and leaders need to take.

AJC has also pressed the U.S. Administration and Congress, as well as local governments, to speak out against rising anti-Semitism in Europe. Following up on an AJC proposal, leading members of Congress formed a bipartisan Taskforce on Anti-Semitism to combat global anti-Semitism. Urge your Representative to join.

Recently, more than 300 American and 200 European mayors and have signed on to AJC's Mayors United Against Anti-Semitism Campaign. These mayors have pledged to pursue a zero-tolerance policy on anti-Semitism, ensure that anti-Semitic incidents are thoroughly investigated, raise public awareness of the problem, and make the physical security of Jewish communities a priority.

Combating Anti-Semitism in the
U.S. & Europe

AJC's Action Plan for Europe