Travel with ACCESS

ACCESS has a special interest in reaching out with our members to communities around the world to build long-lasting bridges and effectively engage in global diplomacy. During these trips, delegations meet with politicians and government officials, American and Israeli diplomats, Jewish community activists, leaders of other minority groups, and important journalists and opinion-makers within that country. As a rule, the groups also perform hands-on community service projects to benefit the local community and better understand the policy decisions facing the country and their ramifications.

ACCESS delegations have travelled to Argentina, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Israel, Rwanda, South Africa, Germany, and Austria. These missions are often held in conjunction with major UN and other multilateral conferences

ACCESS is dedicated to the understanding that young voices and perspectives are essential for developing global diplomacy for a new Jewish generation and to the future of the Jewish people. Now entering its ninth year, ACCESS prepares the next generation of Jewish political leaders for advocacy and relationship-building on the community, national, and international levels with education, training, and exposure to the critical issues that ACCESS members face as Jews and Americans. Through our programs for young leaders, described below, ACCESS promotes pluralism and shared democratic values in the U.S. and around the world, supports Israel’s quest for peace and security, and strengthens Jewish life.