Videos: Israel

20 years after Oslo - Time to Dream Again? AJC Berlin Expert Interview 3 Questions For Eldad Beck
Deidre Berger, Director, Lawrence and Lee Ramer Institute for German-Jewish Relations
A Dream Restored
A film made for Israel's 60th Anniversary, with original footage of the UN vote and commentary on the vote and its effect, the creation in 1948 of the Israeli state.
Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Vital Speech on Iran
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the U.S. Congress on March 3, 2015.
The Miracle
The miracle of Israel. A film with original footage of the UN vote and contemporary Israeli scenes. A celebration of life despite the daily terror assault.
The Tragedy of Sderot
A film on the story of Sderot - a town under attack.
Vilified: Telling Lies About Israel
Vilified: Telling Lies About Israel AJCs hard-hitting film exposing the distortions and libels to which Israel is subjected.
What Would You Do?
What Would You Do? Hamas Rockets Striking Israel: What it's like everyday in towns in southern Israel.