National Policy

The National and Legislative Affairs Department (NLAD) is part of AJC’s Office of Government and International Affairs in Washington, D.C. It oversees legislative advocacy on a broad range of AJC’s concerns, addressing the threat posed by the Iranian regime, promoting Israel’s quest for peace and the U.S.-Israel relationship, advocating for comprehensive immigration reform, seeking to enhance U.S. energy security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and safeguarding religious liberty.  NLAD helps shape national policy in these and other areas by working with members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, the Administration, and coalition partners, and by activating AJC’s regional offices to meet with their elected representatives.  In addition, in coordination with other AJC departments, NLAD is responsible for development and implementation of AJC’s domestic policy agenda.
Richard Foltin is the Director of the National and Legislative Affairs Department. For more information about this department and its programs, you may contact him a

Important AJC Statements

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