The Delegates Society

The Delegates Society recognizes donors who contribute an annual gift of $25,000-$49,999 to AJC.

AJC Delegates help AJC build relationships that can be used when needed most. When the Polish Parliament passed a resolution that banned kosher slaughter, AJC's close ties with the Polish Foreign Minister enabled us to speak directly with him to express our concerns. In fact, AJC Delegates were invited to participate in an interactive conference call with the Foreign Minister, the first call of its kind the Polish Government has ever conducted with an NGO.

Benefits Include:

  • Invitations to select lunches, dinners, and meetings with diplomats and industry leaders
  • Timely telephone briefings by experts
  • Receive regular Insiders Updates detailing AJC's on-the-ground work
  • Participation in Diplomatic Missions with access to world leaders
  • Priority Registration for Global Forum Sessions
  • Recognition on Honor Roll of Donors in AJC's Annual Report

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