Praise for AJC Programs

Project Interchange

Project Interchange, an educational institute of AJC, brings opinion leaders and policy makers to Israel for a week of intensive travel and learning. Participants experience Israeli society, connect with their Israeli counterparts and learn about Israel's extensive contributions in their fields.

Founded in 1982, Project Interchange maintains an alumni network of over 5,000 influential voices spanning more than 60 countries.

"Project Interchange [an AJC institute] has completely changed my understanding of Israel and the entire Middle East. It is the greatest program I have ever participated in.... All of us on the trip gained a greater understanding of the problems facing Israel and a greater appreciation of its security challenges.... The whole experience in Israel made me better informed and more aware. Hopefully, it made me a better governor, too."

-Roy Barnes, Governor of Georgia (1999-2003)

"The Project Interchange seminar was a profound experience that made me realize there are lots of people who shared my beliefs and values and spoke about them openly."

-Gabrielle Giffords, U.S. Representative from Arizona
and alumnus of an AJC-Project Interchange Seminar in Israel

"My Project Interchange [an AJC institute] experience was invaluable in providing firsthand, practical insight into the social, political, and religious fabric of Israel…. I look forward to incorporating my new perspectives into my professional life and to sharing my knowledge with colleagues around the country."

-Dr. Carolyn Jefferson-Jenkins, National President, League of Women Voters

"No one can possibly appreciate the extraordinary majesty, complexity, triumphs, contradictions, and possibilities present in Israel…without spending a good deal of time there. The Project Interchange [an AJC institute] program provides that insight. The understanding that I gained altered my attitudes toward the peace process and security issues."

-Dr. Arthur F. Kirk, Jr., President, St. Leo University

"The Project Interchange seminar gave me a sense of what I was all about. It made me a better decision-maker."

-Ted Strickland, Governor of Ohio (2007-2011)

AJC-Konrad Adenauer Foundation Exchange Program

The AJC-Konrad Adenauer Foundation Exchange program is AJC's oldest and most prestigious program in Germany. It was established in 1980 with the aim of achieving reconciliation and understanding between Germans and American Jews, a relationship AJC pioneered as the first American Jewish organization to reach out to post-war Germany. The program has produced hundreds of ambassadors for German- Jewish relations on both sides of the Atlantic. It is the longest-running collaborative project between a German political foundation and an American Jewish organization.

"This program was one of many elements intended to further consolidate German democracy, which is founded on human rights and committed to protecting freedom."

-Angela Merkel, German Chancellor,
on the 30th anniversary of AJC-Konrad Adenauer Foundation Exchange program

AJC Polish-Jewish Exchange Program

AJC, in cooperation with the Polish Foreign Ministry and NGO partner Forum for Dialogue Among Nations, brings a delegation of ten lay leaders to Poland each year for a weeklong seminar that offers unique exposure to Poland's complex history, rich culture and evolving position on the global landscape. AJC also hosts a similar group of Polish media, business, academic and political leaders.

"The AJC-Forum for Dialogue Among Nations' Polish-Jewish exchange program is an impressive and yet practical example of a successful cooperation between modern Poland and the American Jewish community."

-Radoslaw Sikorski, Polish Foreign Minister