AJC Staff

Edward and Sandra Meyer Office of the CEO
David Harris, Chief Executive Officer
Joey Resnick, Chief of Staff to CEO

Resource Development
Julie Schair, Associate Executive Director and National Director of Development
Cathy Bezozo, National Associate Director of Development
Michael Gilbert, Director of Regional Office Advancement
Amy Cooper, Senior Development Director
Leonard Myron, Senior Development Director
Lilli Platt, Senior Development Director and Director of AJC Women’s Leadership Board
Debra Rubenstein, National Director of Planned Giving
Susan Tanenbaum, Senior Development Director
Gary Spruch, Director of Development Communications

Leadership Development and Board Engagement
Nadine Greenfield-Binstock, Director

Department of Regional Offices
Daniel Elbaum, Assistant Executive Director and Director of Regional Offices
Kim Kamen, Associate Director
Melanie Maron Pell, Associate Director and Director of Regional Engagement

Marketing and Communications
Ellisa Sagor, Assistant Executive Director and Director of Communications and Marketing
Jon Schweitzer, National Director of Public Affairs

Media Relations and Publications
Kenneth Bandler, Director of Media Relations
Lawrence Grossman, Director of Publications

Archives and Records Center
Charlotte Bonelli, Director

Alexis Frankel, ACCESS Global Director
Danielle Cohen, ACCESS NY Director

Office of Government and International Affairs
Jason Isaacson, Associate Executive Director for Policy and Director of Government and International Affairs
Melissa Spence, Director of Administration
Aaron Jacob, Director of Diplomatic Affairs
Andrew Baker, Director of International Jewish Affairs
Richard Foltin, Director of National and Legislative Affairs
Julie Fishman Rayman, Director of Political Outreach

AJC Africa Institute
Eliseo Neuman, Director

AJC Asia Pacific Institute
Shira Loewenberg, Director

Yael Amit, Southeast Asia Representative
Arjun Hardas, New Delhi Representative
Jerome Rosenberg, Tokyo Representative

AJC Berlin Ramer Institute
Deidre Berger, Director

AJC Jerusalem
Avital Leibovich, Director
Olga Tripp, Director of Seminars, Missions, and Delegations

AJC Paris
Simone Rodan-Benzaquen, Director

AJC Project Interchange
Robin Levenston, Executive Director
Nisha Abkarian, Project Interchange Deputy Director & Director of International Programs
Myra Clark-Siegel, Director of Communications and Senior Strategic Counsel

AJC Transatlantic Institute
Daniel Schwammenthal, Director

Jacob Blaustein Institute for the Advancement of Human Rights
Felice Gaer, Director
Christen Broecker, Associate Director and Director of Research

The Arthur and Rochelle Belfer Institute for Latino and Latin American Affairs
Dina Siegel Vann, Director
Stephanie Guiloff, Deputy Director
Juan Dircie, Associate Director of Latino Task Forces
Muriel Asseraf, Brazil Representative

Russian Jewish Community Affairs
Samuel Kliger, Director

William Petschek Contemporary Jewish Life Department
Steven Bayme, Director

International Interreligious Affairs
David Rosen, Director
Lisa Palmieri-Billig, Representative in Italy and Liaison to the Holy See

Interreligious and Intergroup Relations
Noam Marans, Director
Emily Soloff, Associate Director
Bob Silverman, U.S. Director of Muslim-Jewish Relations

Human Resources
Janet Besso Becker, Assistant Executive Director and Director of Human Resources and Strategic Implementation
Shifra Sharbat, Associate Director of Human Resources and Employee Relations Manager
Sala Schmigelski, Associate Director of Human Resources and Benefits Manager

Marc Stern, General Counsel
Avital Blanchard, Assistant General Counsel

Finance, Information Technology (IT), Facilities, and Campaign Records
Richard Hyne, Chief Financial Officer
Daniel Goldwater, Controller
Hank Zupnick, Chief Information Officer
Amy Magdalin, Director of Facilities

National Events
Leslie Klion, Director