AJC maintains offices in Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Rome, and Warsaw.

AJC Berlin Ramer Institute
Established in 1998 – and building on six decades of AJC engagement in post-war Germany – AJC Berlin is a pioneer in the field of German-Jewish relations. The Institute works in close partnership with German governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote transatlantic relations, enhance German-Israeli ties, combat anti-Semitism and extremism, and foster dialogue regarding AJC’s core advocacy priorities. To learn more, visit

Deidre Berger is the Director of AJC Berlin.

AJC Central Europe
The Shapiro Silverberg AJC Central Europe Office was opened in late 2016 and is dedicated to seven Central European countries—the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Slovakia. By establishing a permanent regional office in Warsaw, AJC builds upon decades of pioneering program initiatives and engagement throughout the region. AJC Central Europe works to: (a) promote transatlantic relations, (b) enhance ties between the region and Israel, (c) combat anti-Semitism and extremism, and (d) cooperate with local Jewish communities. AJC Central Europe, the global Jewish advocacy organization’s fifth post on the continent, is an integral part of the Paris-based AJC Europe.


AJC Paris
AJC Paris interacts regularly with government officials, civil society leaders, journalists and policy analysts and works closely with the leadership of the French Jewish community in the pursuit of common goals. Within France, AJC has established itself as a respected voice calling for close Franco-American cooperation on key global issues, including Iran's drive for nuclear weapons capability and Israel's quest for peace and security. AJC Paris is also in regular touch with government officials and law enforcement and education authorities to combat anti-Semitism and extremism. To learn more, visit

Simone Rodan-Benzaquen is the Director of AJC Paris.

AJC Rome
AJC Rome serves to both further AJC's diplomatic relations with the Italian government, an important ally of Israel and the United States, and advance interreligious dialogue as AJC's liaison to the Vatican. AJC Rome has developed an extensive network of critical contacts in government, political parties, think tanks, academia, journalism and important civil society advocates – in partnership and consultation with the local Jewish community. Having direct access to the Vatican enables AJC to advance relations not only within the Vatican bureaucracy, the Pontifical Institutes and the diplomatic corps to the Holy See, but also with the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church globally.

Lisa Palmieri-Billig is AJC's Representative in Rome and Liaison to the Holy See.

AJC Transatlantic Institute
AJC's Transatlantic Institute, located in Brussels, serves as an advocacy platform for Jewish community concerns before European Union institutions and NATO. The Institute also promotes enhanced dialogue and cooperation between Europe and the United States. Through public forums and private diplomacy, and working in cooperation with AJC partners in European Jewish communities and across civil society, the Institute also works to foster EU-Israel ties and promote European-wide efforts to counter anti-Semitism and extremism. To learn more, visit

Daniel Schwammenthal is the Director of the AJC Transatlantic Institute.