Iran Threat

Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons capability, its support for international terrorism, its efforts to subvert and attack its neighbors and its collusion with the murderous Assad regime in Syria jeopardize global peace and security. For decades, AJC has been sounding the alarm on the Iranian threat, and we continue to do so using the advocacy tools at our disposal. AJC opposed the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran, in the belief that it delayed rather than prevented the acquisition of nuclear weapons by the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. AJC advocacy continues to focus on confronting Tehran’s support for terrorism, highlighting the regime’s unrelenting human rights abuses, and ensuring that the international community has the mechanisms and the political will to enforce the nuclear deal’s restrictions, intrusively monitor Iranian behavior, and reimpose sanctions in the event of any violation.

In early 2016, as many European countries sought to embrace Iran in order to benefit from increased trade and diplomatic relations, AJC offices in Berlin, Brussels, Paris, and Rome mobilized to challenge those who would downplay Tehran's abysmal human rights record. For instance, AJC Paris launched a campaign in both traditional and social media to highlight the shameful hypocrisy of hosting the Iranian President in France on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Then, in advance of Foreign Minister Javad Zarif's visit to Brussels, the AJC Transatlantic Institute organized a counter-event at the European Parliament to shed light on the regime's human rights abuses.